Church singing in the eyes of the orthodox person

Today the Orthodox Church a serious role to church singing.Our worship and church choirs are directly linked.With the help of the Word of God is preached, which forms a special liturgical language (together with the temple tunes).Church singing is usually divided into two types: unison (odnogolosyj) and polyphonic.The latter implies the division of vote by party, and the first - performance of all the choristers one tune.In Russian churches tend to sing at parties.


In the VIII century together eight vocal and melodic systems (osmoglasiya), which comprehensively affect the intellectual and emotional perception of the believer, turning to God in prayer.By the XIV century, this system has gained such a massive character, which can be compared only with the iconography of the same period and with the depth of prayer asceticism.Theology, church singing, icon and prayer feat - the components of a whole.

Wipe osmoglasiya

heyday of church music in the XVII century coincided with the start of ousting him from the secular art.The system has been replaced by the church osmoglasiya short tunes on a religious theme.Orthodox religious zealots believe that the church singing without osmoglasiya impossible.

Obihod church singing

But the Orthodox Church has a sufficient number of music publications and manuscripts.It has at its disposal the everyday life of church music, which includes the whole range of liturgical singing.It combines the main chants of Kiev, Greek chants and banners.There are several ways stichera performance, in particular, simple and festive.All musical manuscripts church is a document of Church tradition, which is considered in Orthodox circles, the very first word in the controversial issues.

Development church singing

According to the documents of church tradition is easy to follow, how to develop and church singing.Every art has its roots and flourishing.Many Orthodox religious leaders now believe that the style of contemporary iconography and church singing - it's just a profanation of liturgical art.According to them, this does not correspond to Western style (neither formal nor spiritually) Church Tradition.

singing groups

groups, are engaged in church singing, can be of three types.The first type - are professional singers, but not the church.The second - a part of the church people, but at best they have a relative hearing and voice.The rarest type of musical ensemble - a professional choir.The staff of the first type prefers interpreting complex works, but churchliness this music such a chorister, as a rule, indifferent, as opposed to those people who come to the temple to pray.

Some priests prefer the second form of the chorus, but often along with the music of songbirds depressing unprofessional and primitive repertoire.

however encouraging that the third type of groups are increasingly moving to the execution of works composed synodal authors, and then even to the monastic tunes.