Can we get married pregnant

of new life - a blessed miracle.It allows for the possibility of the Lord that the fragile sprout.Very often there is a situation in which a young woman, after learning about the pregnancy, wants her child was born in a church marriage.The question of whether one can get married the pregnant woman, set on Orthodox sites where parishioners dispel doubts priests.Any father will be only too happy to wish the pair receive the blessing of God for the birth of children and approved church union.

According to Orthodox catechism, marriage is a sacrament in which the bride and groom promise to give free to the priest, that will be faithful to each other.Father seeks grace their union blessed spouses for safe birth and Christian education of children.Emphasis is put on the Orthodox rite of procreation, on procreation and mutual responsibilities for nurturing healthy children.The answer to the question of whether one can get married the pregnant woman, is unequivocal.Yes, it's still the right move because the intercession of the Mother of God and of Christ, and help my mother and her child.

dispel doubts about whether it is possible to get married the pregnant woman, young people need to understand that the wedding in the church has the features you need to know.First, it turns out, is whether future newlyweds baptized in the Orthodox tradition.During the ceremony all the main participants ordinances should be pectoral cross.

come to church better advance when the wedding is more than three weeks, this course of action, you will be able to prepare and remember important points.We need to meet with the priest who will perform the ceremony.You need to talk to him frankly, kindly.It should respectfully listen to all of his recommendations.Tell him about his situation, about when your child should be born.It must be done because it will give you tips for the forthcoming confession.Keep in mind that the sacrament of marriage, the church continued for about an hour, so the priest is better to know in advance that the bride may feel bad.

During preliminary discussions father should find out if there are any reasons why the Orthodox sacrament can not be performed: unacceptable obstacle will consanguinity if one of the spouses is not baptized, has nerastorgnuty religious marriage, as well as more than four civil unions inwhich was one of the newlyweds.

We have responded positively to the question of whether one can get married the pregnant woman, but stress the need for a very responsible approach to this step.Before the wedding, the newlyweds are fasting for 10 days, then they will confess and receive Holy Communion.For those who go to confession for the first time, give the following advice: Try to open your heart to God.He hears everything that you say.Do not ask for forgiveness for the sins invented, only to repent that bothers your soul.If a woman was legally a civil marriage and pregnancy occurred after the wedding - it is not a sin.Remember that the purity of your thoughts is important to you, since you are interested in the successful birth of children and the help of God.

To prepare you for the ceremony, will talk about how the wedding.Be prepared to provide the icons of Jesus Christ and Mother of God, they need to bless the couple.Do not forget the wedding rings, wedding candles and towel, which will become a symbol of the purity of your intentions, it is stored in the family all his life and is transmitted through the female line.

Before the wedding ceremony the couple should ask the blessing of their parents.If they can not attend the ceremony, choosing planted parents.It must be family people, not necessarily married to each other.

bride and groom are at the altar of the church, they go out through the royal doors the priest.In the hands of the priest and the gospel of the cross, he blesses them young and gives them three lighted candles.The rings are placed on the throne in the altar.The priest reads the prayers and puts on the ring, and then the couple moved to the center of the temple.Before the lectern is the towel, it become husband and wife.On the lectern should be based on a cross, the Gospel and crowns.The priest asks the consent of the newlyweds to take a vow of fidelity to the church and the Lord.Witnesses elevate crowns (crown) over the heads of the young, then to him tray ritual cups of wine.They are applied to the three bowls.At the end of the ceremony the priest's hands holding young around the podium.We need to do three full circle.This is followed by a kiss icons, located at the king's gate.Only then permitted a modest kiss the couple, which completes the wedding.

After the couple feel wonderful sacrament of spiritual unity.Church marriage involves faithful to each other throughout their lives, think seriously prepare for this step, and do not take the wedding as a tribute to tradition and fashion trends.