How to consecrate the cross

Religion has become one of the main aspects of modern society.Every day we meet with her.But if religion means faith?

Modern Russian Orthodox Church can confidently answer this question.Yes means.The number of ceremonies and celebrations in the Russian Orthodox Church of God is great.The Orthodox Church has many sacraments - communion, funerals, weddings.But there is another mystery of which we have not touched yet.It is the sacrament of baptism.It takes a special ceremony, which is performed after a certain time after giving birth.In Russia, since the times of Vladimir the Red Sun, baptism firmly entrenched in the Orthodox Church and the Russian culture, their common roots and branches.

After the baptism of every believing Orthodox person to issue special amulet - pectoral cross.It is a tradition to receive amulets after washing is still the ancient Scythian nomads who lived in these places in the 4th century AD.After the introduction of Christianity in Rus, charms were replaced with crosses, but on a metaphysical level, nothing has changed.

Let's look at the essence of baptism.Let us try to understand its mysteries occurring processes, and depth.The thing is that, along with infant baptism (sometimes an adult) and Sometimes the Holy cross.Later this tradition successfully strengthened on the occasion of the Holy Easter, when these items are consecrated in a special amount.

How to consecrate the cross?Do I need for this to go to church?Can I do it at home?Modern Russian Orthodox Church follows the twofold opinion on this matter.The fact is that in the village church is such a thing as to sanctify the cross home - quite ordinary rite.Only in big cities, since the beginning of the nineteenth century, they were allowed only in the holy Church.Because of what happened this division, let each of us to answer himself ...

Probably, the province is considered cleaner and more innocent, there the attitude to life that much easier, people are more devout, and many families continue to honor the old ritesand signs, so the newborn baptized person is considered mandatory process.

How to consecrate the cross at home, the people of these places will be able to teach you quickly and easily.For this purpose, it is necessary to clean Thursday resin adhesive to stick it to the bottom of the bucket and lowered to the bottom of the well.After the fifth cock crows on the morning of Good Friday Orthodox woman had to get out of bed, get out of the house and with a prayer in the heart of the approach to the well.Reading the main prayer - Our Father, it should pull the bucket out of the well, and with God's blessing to say, "Holy, holy, holy, consecrated the cross of God now."Then have this silver shard fused crosswise platelets can be used as an Orthodox cross!

From now on it will be the sanctuary of the believer, his personal cradle and protection from the evil serpent and all other forces of darkness.But it's the lyrics.Let's touch on the question of why urban flock prohibited Holy Orthodox crosses at home.

There will likely need to consider the spiritual expansion of any large city.But along with the hearts and soul corrupted.I do not think that today the Church of Christ the Savior in Moscow is not the Jerusalem when Jesus, in which the latter turned the tables in the temple merchants.But we will not dismantle the true cause of this behavior, our article about something else.

essence of this story is that you should not be given too much thought on how to sanctify the cross.On this subject or not, God can be found only the heart, which is looking for.And it does not matter whether it complies with all Orthodox holidays and goes to church on night life."The man who seeks God, let him be God."So wrote the apostle Peter in his early works.But that's another story ...