Operational Property Management

operative management of property as a property right granted by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation government agencies and State-owned enterprises.This right is also used in public and in private property.

characterized by rapid asset management such features.This right is exercised within the public institutions of the law in accordance with the specific objectives of the activities and purpose of the property.In contrast to the owner of the property rights of the media powers have limits.They can determine the owner, who has the right to dispose of it at its sole discretion, or even withdraw the property from the carrier the right of operational management.

Subjects assigned operative property management , may have different statuses, and be given different tasks.In this regard, the Civil Code establishes different rules of law.

As a rule, the state creates a state-owned enterprise in the most important areas and areas of economic activity.So it is directly interested in the fact that these enterprises proprietary database maintained them and contributed to the implementation of the tasks assigned to them.That is why the operative management of the property is highly regulated by the Civil Code and is largely confined to strict limits.

property owner may withdraw the property from the operational management in the event of irrational use and pass it on to another company's sole discretion.This property owner has the right to determine the main directions of activity of public institutions, as well as the distribution of the income it receives.

transfer or dispose of transferred to it for the operational management of state enterprise assets may only with the consent of the owner.Alone it can only realize the manufactured products.

institutions can be not only public but also private.The regime of the right of operational management should reflect the features of the functions carried out by now, the possibility to dispose of the income and so forth.

Institutions with property management, they can not manage on their own.However, property owners are responsible for the possible consequences of their intervention in the economic activity of enterprises, which is transmitted to the management of the property.It is expressed in establishing vicarious liability for the obligations of state-owned, budget and private institutions in cases of failure of their own property.

In addition, there is a right of economic management property .It is as operational management, belongs to a legal entity.It consists in conferring authority on the orders of another person's property.The purpose of these rights is to create opportunities for independent participation of legal entities not owning their own property, in public circulation.

subjects-holders of the rights of business are the state and municipal enterprises.Economic management and operational management of property assets differ in content and scope of the powers received from the holders of their property owners.

hozvedeniya right - this is an opportunity to own, use and dispose of property transferred by the owner, within the limits established by law.Rights of self-disposal of real estate, it does not, but decisions on the movable property may be taken without the consent of the owner.The owner reserves the right to create, liquidation or other shifts in the activity of the enterprise, the right to control its property, as well as the right to receive part of the profits.In other words, the right of operational management allows to own and dispose of property in accordance with the mission and purpose of the owner transferred to the jurisdiction of the property.