How to calculate the date of birth of the child, or how many weeks a woman give birth

determine the exact date of birth is almost never anyone can not, because the birth of the baby depends on many different factors.Although obstetricians and gynecologists know how many weeks a woman giving birth.It is this information helps doctors to establish the approximate date of birth of the child.

According to experts, 80 percent of women after childbirth come for 266 days or 38 weeks after fertilization by sperm.However, those interested in how many weeks a woman give birth, expectant mothers still can not determine the exact date.This difficulty is caused by the fact that the majority of the fair sex has no information when it was conceived.Therefore midwives charge for the alleged day of fertilization, the first day of the last menstrual period.

If you follow these calculations, it is responding to a question about how many weeks a woman give birth, gynecologists voiced estimated figure of 280 days or forty weeks.

It should be noted that in medicine this term is often called gestational or menstrual.As is known, ovulation occurs around the fourteenth night after the end of menstruation.And when the day of conception to take this date, we get exactly 38 weeks.This term is called gynecology fertilizatsionnym or ovulation.

Thus, learning about how many weeks a woman give birth, expectant mothers can mentally, physically and mentally prepare for the upcoming birth.

addition to the approximate date of birth of the baby, pregnant of the fair sex are often interested in and how many weeks in the stomach starts to grow.

According to experts, the term of the rounding of the abdomen in women depends on factors such as:

  • figure future mothers (in large belly girls is less visible than in lean);
  • which account for a pregnancy;
  • growth rate and size of the fetus;
  • heredity women;
  • location of the future baby in the uterine cavity, etc.

However, it is assumed that the average term of the appearance of the abdomen of pregnant women ranges from 16 to 18 weeks.It was during this period of the uterus begins to be palpable in the abdomen, and every week it rises higher and higher.

is worth noting that all rules have exceptions.And there are women who have been rounded tummy starts in the first month of pregnancy.

In addition, women are often interested in how much to give birth to their first child.Because we all know that over the years the number of eggs in women is significantly reduced, respectively, likely to become pregnant over the age of forty years, is close to zero.That is why many midwives recommend the girls to think about motherhood at the age of 20 to 25 years.During this period, the woman's body could not be better prepared for the conception and birth of the next generation.It was during these early years are born very strong and healthy kids who almost never have serious abnormalities and diseases.