Bandy legs: What to do?

crooked legs creates a lot of facilities for women, leaving deep roots in adolescence.It is not always the problem is purely cosmetic nature of the defect.True curvature of the legs - it is also a health problem - the development of arthritis and sometimes even disability.

"bandy legs can and should be corrected, and the problem is not only in the external aesthetics. It is also a signal malfunctions in the body, leading to the development of serious diseases."

types curvature

are two main types of curvature - true and false.

true - X-shaped or D-shaped.The reason - the skeletal defects.This type of exercise to correct crooked legs will not.In this case, alternative but to appeal to the orthopedic surgeon, no.

false - the cause of the curvature of the underdevelopment of some type calf muscle.And adjusted by means of plastic surgery, and by performing certain exercises.

Norma aesthetically considered feet, which when fully closing form four points of contact - the middle of the hip, knee, mid calf heels.When an X-shaped curvature - the last point of contact - the knees, lower legs, costs are not touching.When the O-shaped - a single point of contact - the heel, in the other there is a gap.

Five prohibitions which avoid false curvature or at least not to aggravate the situation.

1. can not sit and stand, crossing his legs.

2. is impossible to weight fell on one of the legs.

3. can not always sleep on one side or stomach.

4. can not always wear shoes with extremely high heels.

5. can not load the bag only one shoulder.

Correction curvature by surgery


introduction of silicone implants in problem areas curves legs.Correct this way can only be false curvature.The duration of the operation - less than an hour, the recovery period - 1.5-2 months.


more intrusive option plastic curves legs.Instead of silicone used own fat.This method is suitable for the correction of minor curvature and due to the presence of the required "reserves" fat patient.

orthopedic surgery

During her use of the device Elizarova - the device acting on the bone structure.Bone dissected and fixed part of the machine for proper splicing.The design is worn up to 3 months, but after 3-4 weeks you can move and engage in daily activities.

exercises to help deal with the problem

you have decided (well, if your findings are confirmed podiatrists) - you have crooked legs.What if the operation in your case is not shown.Correct the curvature of the legs helps set of exercises.

for hip

Lying on his side (legs straight, tense muscles), lift and hold for 10 seconds on the weight of the leg on which lie.Repeat the same for the other leg.Performing an exercise for the legs, which feels seems weaker extend for 5-10 seconds.

package of measures for health and beauty legs

stretching the thigh muscles

Standing with contracted chest and the back straight, looking ahead and relax all the muscles to the max, bend back leg and resting his back in her hand, stretchmuscle.


Stand on a step (it can be replaced by a bench stable) 4-5 cm in height. Left heel in a suspended position.Slowly rising on his toes, stopping in at a point of tension for 10-15 seconds.

stretching leg muscles

Sitting on the floor with your back straight and feet, eyes fixed forward, his hands clasp the foot (the belt), and slowly lift the leg.The top point is fixed for 10-15 seconds.For the other leg to repeat the same thing.The nuances of performance - to keep the legs from each other as closely as possible without bending the knees and back, without deviating to the side.

For O-shaped curvature

Standing straight, close my legs as much as possible.The voltage at the point of freeze for 5 seconds.

For X-shaped curvature

Exercise contrary - standing straight, slowly raise the legs as much as possible.The point at stand still for 5 seconds.

On correction form

Crouch with closed feet touching the entire surface of the foot floor.With an emphasis on the palm in front of him to rise slowly, straightening his legs.Frozen in the final posture for 5-10 seconds.Palms can shift slightly, not looking up from the floor.The number of repetitions and approaches - three for three.

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