How to repair the roof of an apartment building

most difficult issues in the household is the repair of the roof of an apartment building.As a rule, the main difficulties lie on the top floors of tenants, since they are the main "victims".In any high-rise building has become commonplace, when the inhabitants of the top floors voyuyuyut with neighbors who live below.And sometimes force "brothers" on the riser together to make roof repairs almost impossible.Try it, of course, in the courts to get their part of the money spent, but much more expensive cost nerves, collect the necessary documents.The Russian bureaucratic system, without notes you know who, but with a piece of paper - a sick man.Therefore, most of the tenants the top floors are trying to repair the roof of a block of flats in the home.They can only sympathize.

main reasons for roof repairs

humidity and barometric pressure are the main enemies of the roof.Through their activity corroded metal, rotting wooden structures.In cases where repair of the roof has been produced, it can be properly laid material.As is well known, it is very expensive, so you should follow a few rules to once again not to spend money to repair the roof of an apartment building.In winter, the roof should be cleaned with a special scraper with a rubber band, and in the case of fouling its lichen, it should also be clean.

How to repair roof

Perform repair of the roof is best in summer, when weather conditions are conducive to this.You can make repairs to the roof with his hands, or to apply to companies engaged in such work or hire a locksmith from utilities.In any case, the cost of repair would be quite substantial.When referring to specialized firms, many tenants decide certain administrative matters.Firstly, the issue of materials.People who had not previously made repairs to the roof of an apartment building, it is difficult to navigate in a variety of available goods.Experts used to operate normally with the same materials.Secondly, the quality of work is ensured, since the company set up by a serious job to worry about his reputation.However, on this issue there is one important caveat - should choose a proven and reliable organization.Cheaters lacking in any industry.

materials used for the repair of the roof

Today, the market can find a lot of different innovations used to repair any roof.The choice of material, which is suitable for the roof is your home depends on the type and nature of injuries.For metal roofs are perfect roofing material, burlap.If the site is not very big damage, you can use hemp soaked in hot bitumen.Large damaged areas covered by iron sheets.In cases where the roof of slate, repair is to replace the sheets or sticking up small sections of a special mixture consisting of cement, asbestos and glue.However, the repair of the roof of an apartment building is often carried out by pouring tar.This is the most suitable and cheapest way.