Tradition, rites and rituals on Epiphany

Christian sacrament of immersion in water, which means communion with the Church, is called Baptism.Rituals and traditions in this great day - January 19 - held in all Orthodox homes, where people believe in God.On Baptism (its other name - Epiphany) people hold various rituals to find the strength of spirit and body.Today we learn about the most popular rituals this day and about the traditions observed by believers.

Epiphany: The story of the holiday

Another name for this great festival - Epiphany, and why such a synonym, explain below.

At the baptism of Jesus Christ was a real miracle - humankind was the Holy Trinity.God the Father from heaven informed about a son who was baptized by John the Baptist ordinary mortal, but in the form of the Holy Spirit descended from heaven, the dove.Therefore, the name of this holiday - Epiphany, that is the day the world was the first time the Trinity.After the Epiphany, Jesus went into the desert, guided by the Holy Spirit, and in their prayers and meditations began to prepare for the great mission for which he came into this world.Tempted by the evil spirit, like all ordinary people, Jesus is still restrained, and spent 40 days without food and water.That's right, with the assistance of John the Baptist was a significant event in the history of mankind - Epiphany.History shows that it was the first major event in the public life of Jesus.

Sacrament of Baptism

This phrase refers to the spiritual rebirth of man, it is the birth of the Orthodox Church, where he has access to the Confessions, where it joins with God.The peculiarity of the ceremony is threefold immersion man, woman or child, or the pouring of water under the prayers.After that, put on a personal Christian cross, and then a man disguised in a white robe.The meaning of this sacrament is that after a man, woman or child can live according to Christian law - the commandments.


important and the first Christian sacrament - Baptism.Rituals and traditions on this day must comply with all the people who have become members of the church.On that day, Christ gave a man fallen in sin, the possibility to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit after the rite itself.

Signs on Epiphany are the most accurate and truthful.Here are some of them:

- If this day was heavy snow, it is necessary to wait for a great harvest in the summer.

- If Baptism day is very clear and frosty, the summer will be hot.

- If the stars are shining brightly on the eve, then, spring starts early.And yet it means that the year will be calm, without any shocks.

- Current sign on Epiphany today if Epiphany falls on the full moon, it is necessary to be afraid of flooding and river flooding.

- A lot of snow fell on January 19 - to good health.

holiday symbol

all rites and rituals on Epiphany associated with water, which has to this day extraordinary power.First of all, it maintains absolute freshness for 3 years.More it can be diluted with ordinary water, adding a drop of the Epiphany.On the feast of all Christians should go to the temple and sanctify this healing liquid.Also to that end, people go to the river, pond.There she was consecrated in special hole, referred to as "Jordan", in honor of Jesus' baptism in the Jordan.

Water Baptism is then used to cure people of any disease, it is possible to treat a variety of wounds and a drink each day in the morning on an empty stomach.Also sprinkle it in every corner of the apartment, in order that no evil spirit has not got a home, and the house was always the order and peace.

Rite physical health

need to hold this event on the first day after the Epiphany.You must type in a bathroom of warm water, pour a few drops of the sacred and to immerse completely, leaving no dry area of ​​the body.Even the face for a few seconds, it is desirable to dip.The complete tranquility you need to lie 10 minutes, and then get out of the bath and, without drying with a towel, wait until the body is very dry.These rites and rituals performed on Epiphany, not only in relation to sick people for their speedy healing and for all the people.Even if a person is healthy, and it did not bother for its further well-being, it is desirable to perform this action.

for recovery recumbent human

Great holiday Epiphany, celebrated on January 19 by all Orthodox Christians - is not only healing and the healing of the people who appeared on the healing pond or river.Some people, because of their various ailments simply can not get out of bed and get to swim.For these unfortunate people there is a special ritual for recovery.To do this, you need to have someone from their sacred scored some water, he went to the house, and consecrated every corner, and then three times sprinkled sickroom.A infirm loved one should be allowed to drink 3 times a cross from a separate tank.Then be sure to wash and dry his relative's underwear with the back of his shirt.After this change, and the shirt washed in the same day - January 19 in the reservoir.Then allow to dry and then put on a person.After such an ill relative rite soon go on the amendment.

ritual performance cherished desires

This ceremony is carried out as follows: on the eve of the cup you need to dial the holy water left from previous years, and then drop to a silver coin.This is followed by the contents of the cup to put on the windowsill so that the moon shone on the container (desirable to conduct this ritual at the full moon).Then you need to speak softly three times a wish and go to bed.In the morning should go out and pour the water under a tree and hide a coin in a secluded place, so no one else it is not found.Similar rites and rituals of baptism for execution cherished desire to spend before and people still believe in them, and with great joy and thrill of waiting for the Epiphany holiday, in order to take advantage of the opportunity and perform the sacrament of implementation of their dreams.

ritual for body tone

Of course, everyone knows where to begin Baptism on 19 January.Tradition suggests that the campaign to the body of water is the first event in the great feast of the Epiphany.During the ritual for the tone of the body need to be dipped in consecrated river, a pond with his head completely, and to do it 3 times and the need to be sure to be baptized.But not all people know how to prepare for such an event.Rites of Baptism on January 19 must be carried out according to the rules, so you should first gather and follow the simple instructions, which can be expressed as follows:

  1. most important thing - you need to fast for three days before the ritual immersion in the sacred water.
  2. should conduct a correct way of life - to give up alcohol, smoking, do not use foul language, do not cheat, do not steal, and, of course, do not commit adultery.
  3. evening of January 18 should go to the church and enter the holy water to be sprinkled themselves and in the morning just to wash it.
  4. Only after the above steps, you can go to the river or pond, where before taking the plunge, you should read the prayer "Our Father" three times.

No way on Epiphany - Orthodox holiday - can not be with someone else's help to fall into the water.Man must do it yourself, it's kind of a test for the strength of spirit and body.

People who sincerely believe in the healing power of water, never get sick, even if it is cold -30 degrees.And those who choose to join and to hold such ceremonies on January 19 for the baptism of a tribute to fashion or for other reasons, can only harm themselves, and quite serious.

Rite for childless spouses

Many couples wish to have in their house heard the laughter of children, but they did not get to have a baby.However, if they believe in God and in his power, the miserable people should hold a special ceremony at the festival.Baptism (January 19) to help all childless couples and gives them a chance to become parents.However, in such a case you need to properly use, so must first be prepared.Husband and wife should not be sleeping together in bed three nights before the Epiphany.Evening of January 18 the spouse should be sure to defend the service and get after it, with no one speaking up until not plunge three times in the reservoir (ie the morning of the 19th of January).Her husband could not attend church, but if he, too, wants to defend the service, he should go to another temple.And just after that he could not talk to anyone before the dipping process.When the couple three times in the Epiphany water falls, only then they can meet each other and be sure to spend the night together.And very soon they will have the opportunity to become loving parents.These rites and rituals in the Baptism should not narrate other people.Therefore it is better not to tell anyone about this sacrament.


1. On the eve of all believers to fast during the day and in the evening the whole family gathered around the table and tasted kutyu like for Christmas.

2. On the day of the Epiphany in the Church the right service.

3. On the eve of Epiphany water sanctified in churches, and in the holiday - in rivers, lakes, seas.

4. The day before Epiphany people on the ice hole is cut in the shape of a cross, next set figure of a dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

5. Cross over the river near the ritual takes place vodoosvyascheniya.During his priest, 3 times down the hole cross and lighted trёhsvechnik.It turns out that the water baptized by fire.

6. Manages the great feast of the Baptism on 19 January.The traditions of the youth in this day - entertainment on ice: young boys and girls skated and arranged carousel.And in the evening they began to walk from house to house caroling, singing songs, congratulating all the people on the great holiday.After the baptism of young people gathered again in the evening, and then the boys and girls learn, communicate, and soon chose a mate.And after Epiphany until Lent lasted for a new season of weddings.

Now you know what a holiday Epiphany.Rites, traditions and rituals are observed from time immemorial our ancestors, and we as believers are Orthodox people, must not forget these sacraments and be sure to go to church, pray, and January 19 in advance and get ready to plunge into the hole for the recovery of body and soul.