Removing the beatings: time.

Unfortunately, modern culture is that fights are very common, especially near the nightclubs and bars.Often it is the alcohol causes this behavior.However, there are cases of family violence.Despite the reason, the removal of beating (procedure is carried out in the Bureau of Forensic Medicine) is a must to help you defend your rights and protect yourself.Now let's look in more detail with all the nuances of the case.

Concept and signs of beatings

They are a deliberate physical harm to health of different severity hands or feet.And this situation often and deliberately provoked.

Among the signs of beatings can be identified such:

- Application of 2 or more strokes, as well as acts of violence, which suggest the presence of physical pain.

- If the situation is repeated too often, it has called torture.It is considered a deliberate mockery of a man who is moral and physical.

- Physical pain.But it should cause it blow, but not its consequences.


Later you will learn where you can get the examination and what are its terms.Removing the beating has a sequence of actions, and can be done in two ways: on their own and with the help of the police.In the first case, you will need to do the following:

- Call the emergency room, where you will be given first aid and discharged help.The document will be given all the damage, their nature and severity, as well as the application and fixing beating in a medical facility.

- Write an application and submit it to the police.And it should be as detailed as possible to tell all the details of what happened.

- Complete pre-investigation (examination).At the same time the personal presence of an employee of the MEA is not required.It can give an opinion on the basis of a certificate from the trauma center.

If you decide to go directly to the investigating authorities, the sequence of actions is as follows:

1. Write a statement to the police.

2. Go through forensic examination.It makes the investigating authorities.

Now that the removal of certain terms in the beating took place and was recorded, the police has the right to initiate criminal proceedings.

When should refer to specialists?

should be noted that any specific period for all procedures there.However, it is better to do in the coming time.Removing a beating in the first two days after the incident will make it possible to draw a full picture of the crime.

In addition, an early visit to the doctor will allow you to receive first aid, which will help to maintain health and avoid complications.Also, experts will have the opportunity for fresh tracks on the body to determine the qualification of the crime, the circumstances of its commission, the motives of the attacker, the exact date of the event.In addition, investigators will be able to determine the causal relationship of misconduct.

Where and who carry out the inspection?

So this has been a special bureau of forensics that must be licensed to carry out such actions.According to the data recorded in a normal clinic, the criminal case is not excited.It should be noted that the act to receive a forensic medical examination is possible in a private organization, if it is licensed.In this case it will be paid.If you need to remove the battery, the procedure involves the participation of a specialist who must carefully examine you, to fix all the damage on the body, to assess their degree of severity.Also, the physician specifies the way that has been harmed.For the case may be attached photographs depicting beatings.

If passed forensic examination, removal of beating is considered valid and can give rise to litigation.The main task is to identify the service provided by the beating with all the consequences.

Very often, the victim shall be appointed by the party that filed the first crime.However, it it can be the initiator of the conflict and the accused suffered much more.In this case the examination will help sort out who is right and who is wrong.

Help withdrawing beating enables the victim to seek justice and compensation for the material damage.It has no expiration date, if the beatings were removed on time and correctly.

terms (taking a beating can not be deferred) are essential for the qualification of the crime.If the conflict was involved or injured minor, it may represent his parents.

What punishment can be applied?

So, like any offense, physical harm a person is punishable by law.Naturally, the type of punishment will depend on the qualification of the crime, the degree of severity of the condition of the victim, the attacker's motives, and other nuances.

If there has been a single attacks or violent action, it may be punished by a fine of 5 non-taxable minimum, 200 hours of compulsory work, corrective labor for up to a year or 3-month arrest.

If there has been a group attack or torturing the victim with threats to his family, then there is already a criminal can receive up to 5 years of deprivation or restriction of liberty.

Often parties disagree peacefully and agree to compensate the material damage without being forced by the court.

Useful legal advice

Where to go for removal of a beating, you know.Now take note of a few recommendations that provide professional lawyers:

- Try to avoid conflict and not to provoke a fight in every way possible.

- If you hit, shout and make noise as much as possible, so that you hear the neighbors and other witnesses.So it will be easier to prove their case.

- During the interrogation, the police try to tell it accurately and truthfully as possible.I do not hide anything.

- Do not hide the problem beating, especially if it happens regularly.If the offender is not punished, he will not stop, and one fine day can even kill you.

Now you know where to go for removal of the beating, and what to do next.That's all.Keep your health, and be careful!