The tanks 'Leopard' claim to world leadership

Voltage "cold war" affects all countries, and especially in their defense industries.After the Second World each state sought to strengthen his position in the military arena, relying on the development of nuclear weapons and ground.All were based on the experience gained after the war and tried to address the shortcomings of its defense industry and improve dignity.Thus, in 1956, the tanks "Leopard" opened a new page in the history of the military industry in Germany.The first prototype was assembled in Germany in 1965.Having successfully completed field trials, "Leopard-1" becomes a main battle tank.It begins production.These tanks takes up arms not only Germany, but also Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark.

In 1969, a decision on the improvement of "Leopard" and created two prototype.In 1970, the production plant starts Krauss-Maffei.After all the modifications and tests carried out in 1973, the tank is named "Leopard 2".Its serial production begins in 1977, and in 1979 he was taken into service of the German army.The plant was commissioned in 1800 copies.Depending on the weapons and equipment tanks "Leopard 2" divided into 5 series.Today added two modifications.

tanks "Leopard" have high maneuverability, are well protected.Their survival on the battlefield gives excellent performance.To create them used a classic layout.The engine is located at the stern of the driver, he is a mechanic, is at the front.Designated commander, gunner and loader are located in the tank turret.All versions are equipped with 120-millimeter cannon, with the exception of "Leopard-2A6".Also on the towers of combat vehicle mounted mortar blocks to create a smoke screen, and on the roof - machine guns.Tanks "Leopard 2" had a combined armor, combat weight is about 50 tons.The weapon was stabilized in two planes, and some got night vision devices.Model of the tank "Leopard", which had a thermal imager, designated 2A2.

In line combat vehicles and those that are designed to combat not only the terrain, but in an urban setting - a tank "Leopard-2A7", first appeared in 2012.According to their tactical and technical characteristics of this model is equivalent to the Russian T-90, but its performance slightly below.The tank has a special capsule, isolating the rest of the crew from the structure.This solution allows you to save the lives of the crew when hit by the cumulative projectile.Improved protection kit explosive shells and mines.Inside the air-conditioning system is installed, it provides non-contact job generator.Tanks "Leopard 2" were improved braking system, new tracks and torsion bars.In addition to 120-mm smoothbore gun and coaxial machine gun, armament complement one machine gun and a 40 mm grenade launcher.Implemented technology "digital tower."72 km / h - a speed it can develop tank "Leopard."Stock models can be found in a variety of layouts and modifications.