Hand pump for water with his hands.

If the site you have a well or a well, for their use will need to use a pump.It can be manual, but it can be manufactured independently.Raising the liquid by means of such equipment could be through the use of the pressure force.The installation will be operated by human effort, you will only need to click on a special link mechanism.For the reason that the operation of such facilities involves the use of physical force, rational use will be justified only when the water demand is negligible.

Before you make a manual pump for the water with your hands, you must take into account that the rate of rise of the water and the volume of fluid can not be compared to an automatic system, but if the site is not possible to bring the system of uninterrupted water supply, this device format is indispensable.

Features handpumps

manual method of extraction of water from the well or the well has its pros and cons.Among the positive features of the equipment can be distinguished simplicity and ease of installation.The system of this type can be used in any environment.This equipment saves resources, as for the operation of the system do not need to connect the power supply.For the reason that the device Blocks equipment has a long lifetime.

If you decide to make a hand pump for water with your hands, you should take into account that the cost would be much lower compared to peers who have more complex design features.This also applies to the case when the pump is purchased in a store.With the introduction of the equipment will be able to save considerably, because the process can be carried out independently, without involving outside assistance.

If you make a manual pump for the water with their hands, then initially it is necessary to consider some disadvantages, which are the need to exert physical force to operate the system.Productivity of the equipment will be small, which means that the supply of the liquid will be produced in limited quantities.Despite the negative aspects, hand pumps today does not lose its relevance, they are still common, and in some cases are irreplaceable.

Classification handpumps

Whatever the device may possess a manual water pump, they perform the same function, but their design features, as well as the principle of operation may vary.Depending on the criteria, manual mechanisms can be classified into two categories, one of them - a piston pump, and the other - rod.Piston pumps are used when the water lies at a small depth - 10 meters.The principle of operation of such an installation is quite simple.The manual water pump of this type is a steel cylinder, inside which is a piston.Under the influence of the external force it moves up and down, and is made rise person, thereby the liquid exits through the orifice, while lowering the lever results in a water-filled space above the piston.Selection of equipment can be done independently, and install it on your own site.

Deep hand pump

Hand pump for water with your hands can be made on the basis of the construction of the deep type.It is a complex mechanism that is used for pumping water from a well, whose depth is equal to 10-30 meters.Such a construction is composed of a cylinder, the rod and piston.Hand pump for a well-type boom is installed directly in the well or downhole equipment wherein the rod is immersed in the aquifer at a depth of 1 meter.In order to understand what kind of equipment to produce or purchase, you need to identify the main criteria for selection.

Selecting manual pump

Before you choose a manual pump, you need to take into account the depth of the well or wells, which is the most important criteria in the manufacture or acquisition of equipment.In order to raise the water with minor depths - up to 10 meters, you can use a simple mechanism for the piston system.

installation method

Hand pump for the well may suggest different ways of installation.Before you start to make the pump, it is necessary to consider whether there is a need for the operation to move it to another site.This need often arises when the economic needs of the water taken from the river and drinking - from the well or wells.It is important to take into account the period of operation.As the principal element of the pump performs a piston disposed in a tube.You can find models that are designed for year-round operation, or for use in the summer, in the latter case, the body is made of plastic.If you decide that you need this design, you can pre-prepare a drawing of the pump.

Technology of hand pump

Produce hand pump can be improvised tools and materials.It is important to pay special attention to the production of housing, it is possible to use a steel cylinder in which can act as a metal pipe, it can be applied to the old sleeve, borrowed from the diesel engine.The length of the workpiece, which should reflect the scheme of the pump should be about 80 cm, while the diameter must be less than 8 cm. In order to improve the quality of the work, it is necessary to pierce the base of the inner tube, using a machine.In carrying out these tasks need to try to rid the surface of the metal from all kinds of irregularities, so you simplify the effort that will be needed to raise the water.

Manufacturing components

pump pumps water garden should be a part of the cover to make them need to use plastic or steel.The cover needs to be done holes for the rod.Once the design is ready, in its interior space will need to put the piston.After the bottom lid closes the same, which has a valve.The need to strengthen the side of the welding machine via a tube through which water will be supplied.

Features installation of the piston

When produced water pumps for the cottages, when the piston is possible to use wood, steel or plastic.As a basic requirement appears that it will be sealed with a rubber ring.During installation of the construction element will need to leave the smallest clearance, which should be placed between the casing and the walls, it would eliminate the seepage water.

Connecting pipe to the well

inlet pipe that feeds into the water should be as strong.To do this, choose the reinforced hoses.In the next step can begin the installation of valves, which are holes created in the piston bottom and the cover of the steel cylinder.The valves are not allowed to return the liquid back into the inlet pipe.To create, use a thick rubber, which must be strengthened in the hole by means of rivets.