What is the price?

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What is the price?To answer this question, we need to turn to such a concept as the cost of the product.It includes the cost of a variety of materials, staff salaries, depreciation charges, taxes and other costs.In general, anything that allows us to produce a complete thing.To sell products below cost does not make sense.Therefore, it is implemented with a profit for the wholesalers.

commercial organizations sell products purchased from the manufacturer without any benefit for themselves does not make sense.Therefore, the selling cost plus mark-up - that's what a price for the trade to the simplest terms.In Russia, unlike some countries, the maximum allowance is not installed.Therefore, the cost is often "bid up" as long as the products purchased.

In fact, the question of what is the price for a product, is under a whole methodology.For example, the full cost method assumes that a fixed and variable costs, which are present in all commercial transactions, added some of the expected amount of profit.In accordance with the method of direct costs in determining the price does not take into account indirect costs.These techniques, as well as administrative pricing, do not consider the conditions prevailing in a particular market.

question "What is the price of" complicated, if you need to take into account the suggestions of similar products from competitors.In this case, you can use the controversial methods of following the market trends, the establishment of a price tag on the basis of the positive qualities of the goods which are perceived by the user.It is also possible to examine a range of factors that affect the cost and form the figure of parametric methods.

Of special note is the pricing of products, goods that are produced in another country.Here, a role played by transport costs, as well as the costs that arise when crossing the border (customs fees, etc..)

For example, the price of refrigerators in the stores of the country range from 5000 to 200 000 rubles.For a minimal cost, you can buy a single-chamber refrigerator, the maximum dimensions of which do not exceed 50 cm. This option is best for retirees or for use in the country.Costly samples have volumes of several hundred liters, a few doors, special temperature regimes, independent cold storage for more than one day, ice generators, built-in wine cabinets and other options for storing refined products.

Prices for air conditioning also vary depending on the country of origin, place of sale and the individual characteristics of the device.The simplest of them are single units that are attached to the window, which only work in cooling mode.If you see air conditioner 150-200 000, do not be surprised.This is usually the whole system, with which you can create a pleasant climate in a variety of rooms, sometimes in the whole house, a restaurant or a concert hall.Further, such devices can heat the air in the room, its drain and purified by high-sensitivity filter.