Church - it is ... What is the church?

relationship with religion now also vary a lot, as well as general views of the people.Not all families and communities has remained a tradition of spiritual education.Hence the strange at first glance, the question: "The Church - what is this?House for offering prayers, or it has a different meaning? "The answer to such a spiritual quest at the same time and difficult and easy.Let's try to understand.

Value name

likely to understand the history of the church should influence.The term comes from the Greek language.It means "assembly" (sounds "ecclesia").It is interesting that originally so named not a building.This term refers to the believers themselves.Therefore, the church - a community of believers, in our case, of Christians.If you read the New Testament, it can penetrate deeper into the meaning of our term such.It says that the Church - is the temple.But do construction!It is the habitat of the Holy Spirit!He is known to be immaterial.Is the Holy Spirit, where he is revered.Anyone who he helps in life, believing and hoping he has in his heart.The New Testament calls such people brothers in Christ.The meaning of such an understanding of the church lies in prayer "Creed."She says that the church - a community of people united by common aspirations of the soul.They are equally related to the teachings of Christ, understand and live by its laws!

Bible of the Church

already voiced the idea supported by the holy books.It argues that ordinary believers are neither strangers nor strangers.On the contrary, they are called citizens with the saints and their God!It is clear that such statement is not true for all.This is what we now believe that the performance of rites, irregular visits to the temple give the right to the kingdom of God.Is it so?The Bible explicitly states "Jesus Christ himself" rock corner.To understand this you need to quote the soul.It is in this criterion is no such thing as "the Church of God."The believer is not the one who observes the tradition, knows a lot and follows the rules established religion superficially.The words "Christ - the cornerstone of the" suggest that his teaching is building a Christian their worldview.Commandments are the basis of his thoughts, and then acts and deeds.These people constitute the Church of God on earth.The church, according to the Bible, is one.She called universal.It consists of the denominations based on communities.The latter, in turn, also called churches.

main denominations

We have said that on the ground there are denominations of the universal church.We know them as the Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism.It all flows of Christianity.Each of them is also called "The Church", referring to the association of local communities.It so happens that today these communities are geographically intertwined.In almost all countries and regions have representatives of a particular church.However, these people make up, so to speak, a monolithic society, combined with spiritual scrapie.They are the soul of the one God, to seek him, according to the criterion of their own thoughts and deeds.By the way, the representatives of a church consider it their duty to lend a shoulder tribesmen.Strange, is not it?And what Christ taught to divide people on faiths?A true Christian will not refuse to support anyone on the basis of differences in views.Unfortunately, the history of the Church gives us many examples of believers were between a religious war.

Another division

We have already mentioned that not all believers are those actually.In the teachings of Christ to this "phenomenon" is given some attention.We are talking about the visible and invisible church.The point is also deep inside a person.The visible church - is that people watching their eyes.He judges others by their behavior.However, not everyone who carries out the rules and rituals, is in the soul of Jesus as the cornerstone.You've probably encountered with those actions.Here one should speak of the invisible church.The Lord will judge any not regular temple or offering prayers.He will separate the true Christians from those who are just pretending, not having the heart of Christ.It is written in the New Testament.It says that the Christians set will be some who are not.They just behave like a believer.But all will be revealed at the High Court.He rejects those who do not have a temple in the soul, sin, showing the true Christian behavior.But it should be understood that the church was still one.Just not all available its complete perception.

of the temple

Surely you are confused.If the church is a community of believers, that is why we call this word building?It will be remembered for a community of people professing the same religion.Historically, they are united in the community, led by the priest.And that, in turn, produces the service in a special structure.Of course, such tradition is not immediately formed.But over time, people realized that a temple is more convenient than, for example, serving in different buildings alternately as the Mormons.Since then, the church began to call more and buildings.Then they began to build eye-catching, beautiful, symbolic.They began to devote a certain Saints, calling them names.For example, the Church of Our Lady - is an Orthodox church dedicated to the woman who gave the earthly life of the Son of God.

Religious traditions

Here we'll come to another interesting question that can ask the reader not vniknuvshy this topic earlier.If the Church is in the souls of believers, then why go to the temple?Here it is necessary to recall the teachings of Christ.He said that believers should actively work in the local church.That is all together to solve the affairs of the community, to help each other, even to control and correct the mistakes in the case.In addition, we are talking about church discipline.Customs does not set the top, and handed down from parents to children.Once it was decided to go to the temple, and should act as a society will not change its decision.

little more about the Church

should add a caveat to the presentation, which draws attention to the law of God.It says that the Church are not only living now believers.Those who have already left this world, but love was connected with their relatives and friends, also included in the general church.So, the concept of "church" is much broader than what we see or feel can.Part of it is in another world, different from the spiritual realm.All people need to have a unified understanding of Christ in the soul, both living and deceased, and make up the church are its members.The building of the (cathedral, the temple) was created for the convenience of members.Church - are Christians, or all of them united by a common hierarchy.We can say that it is a single spiritual body, which has led Christ.Yet it is illuminated by the Holy Spirit.Its aim is to unite the people Divine doctrines and ordinances.

Candles in a church

And finally, let's talk about the attributes.You know that everything in the temple of God lit candles.How did this tradition has gone?The lights candles have a set of values.This symbol of the sun, nature, beautiful breath of life.On the other hand, they are reminiscent of those members of the Church, which are already at the throne of God.They show the bright thoughts of the believer, his aspiration towards a righteous life.And all of this is enclosed in a small spark, perceived as something traditional, irreplaceable.It sometimes wonder about the symbols and attributes used in religious ceremonies to remind ourselves of the true church, located in the heart.