Znamensky Monastery (Irkutsk): Address, reviews and photos

rich land Siberian Holy Monastery.Above the dull edge of the taiga and on its mighty rivers of old sailing crimson ringing their bells.One of these monasteries was founded in 1689 on the high bank of the Angara, is being built near Irkutsk fortress.Its main church was consecrated in honor of Our Lady of the Sign.Thus began his life Znamensky nunnery.Irkutsk is gradually transformed from a prison in the city.Ros and the monastery.He had at that time of special importance for the state - was a process of Christianization of Siberia.

Limbo monastery

History has preserved the name of the main organizer and leader of all the works.He was a resident of Irkutsk Vlas Sidorov.Czar Peter I, noting the importance of this construction, the monastery has welcomed the Gospel.And it is still kept in the monastery.But the wooden church of the monastery dilapidated over the years, and here is another generous benefactor, the merchant Bechevin, at his own expense laid stone cathedral.Its construction dragged on for years.Repeatedly in the architecture of the cathedral make various changes and additions were built more varied decoration.

but not dried up the flow of funds from donors.In 1886, a rich heiress of Irkutsk AN Portnov has allocated a huge sum for the construction of a two-storey stone building, which housed nuns and novices cells, and by the time they numbered one hundred and twenty souls.So the donations of the inhabitants of the city grew and developed Znamensky monastery.Irkutsk - the heart of Siberia, Siberia has always been famous for their generosity.

development of crafts in the monastery

should be noted that the monastery of nuns themselves are not sitting idly by.Although their primary task still remained prayer works and everything that is connected with the spiritual side of life, yet by the end of the XIX century they managed to create a large monastery in economic education.It was opened sewing workshops, which manufactured ceremonial and everyday priestly vestments.Sewed and various church utensils - both for their own use and for sale.

In addition, for the budget to accept orders for sewing clothes secular women living in Irkutsk.Learn to do even shoes.Skill inmates of the monastery became widely known.And it is no coincidence.Nuns perfectly mastered a wide variety of sewing techniques.Among them, face, gold, embroidery various types of waste, beads and even precious stones.

Epitimiytsy monastery

But the main concern of the monastery was, of course, the service of God.Life in it was based on the statute coenobite Russian monasteries, the main task of which was to strengthen the faith and the monastic life.Above all it was put love for God and neighbor.And in this field has become famous Znamensky monastery.Irkutsk has historically been the place where they lived many who first came into conflict with the law.This former criminals, and political.Among them were many women.They take care of their spiritual rebirth and took the nuns of the monastery.

monastery was himself a permanent place where the spiritual authority sent the so-called epitimiytsev, that is women, for various reasons, exiled and excommunicated.They were held at the monastery, and used in the most difficult and dirty work.Taking care of these unfortunate and gave an opportunity to show true Christian love.

in prison and there were "state criminals".One of them was the daughter of the executed during Anna Ivanovna Artemia Volyn - Anna.

field death of the empress in 1740, it regained its freedom and left the Znamensky monastery.Irkutsk has become the place where Anna went a long way back.In recognition of the monastery sisters for their love and caring heart, she sent him from Petersburg Altar Gospel precious settings.

opening of hospitals and shelters for girls

In 1872, in the monastery opened a hospital for the monks.She was known throughout Siberia.Znamensky Monastery, Irkutsk - the address to which addressed the suffering nuns and novices.There they waited so rare in those days medical care.In addition, the forces of the monastery school was opened in the women's religious school and a hospice.Subsequently opened several more schools for girls in which they were trained not only to read, but the church singing.Also a great merit of the nuns was the foundation of the orphanage for girls.It is known that in 1912, it contained 44 people.

Monastery during the revolution

Events related to revolution and civil war, touched and Znamensky monastery.Irkutsk has become one of the centers of the SR movement in Siberia.They organized an uprising against Alexander Kolchak, a result of which in 1920 the Supreme ruler of Siberia, was overthrown and executed at the walls of the monastery.With the transfer of power to the Bolsheviks disbanded all the church councils, as domestic churches closed.The temples have been turned into defenses.But not only this evil visited Znamensky monastery.Irkutsk, a photo which in those years presented in the article, has become a place of formation Renovationist church.In 1923 the monastery was requisitioned many of the values ​​in favor of the non-canonical archbishop.

period of Bolshevik rule in Siberia marked the closure of the majority of temples and monasteries, as well as all-pervasive repression against priests and monks.In 1934, it was closed and the Sign Church.Since that time has come to a complete desolation flourished once Znamensky monastery.And not only him, all over Russia took this terrible wave of rebellion, destroyed the spiritual, historical and cultural monuments of our country.

Renaissance monastery

During perestroika in the walls of an ancient monastery revived spiritual life.Despite the fact that many of its buildings were completely destroyed, still managed to restore the church, cells abbess, fence and Holy Gates.Once again, as in previous years, among the Russian sacred monasteries appeared Znamensky Monastery (Irkutsk).Schedule of services, posted on the doors of the temple, as well as in past years, inform parishioners about the services, where they can raise their prayers to the Lord.Everything is gradually returning to its channel.

Spiritual nourishment youth

Abode conducts extensive work on spiritual care and religious education of a number of educational institutions of the city.Among them female Orthodox gymnasium, children's homes and boarding schools.This work is carried out in the schools themselves, and in the temple.Its interior contributes to development of students' correct perception of Orthodox aesthetics.Through the efforts of parishioners in the difficult years managed to retain many of the icons in the old salaries, the liturgical books (including the Gospel, given by Peter I) and other ecclesiastical attributes that are spiritual, historical and artistic value.

And another wonderful opportunity offered to young people Znamensky Monastery schedule of services includes certain days that they may attend the services.Their results Metropolitan Irkutsk and Angarsk Vadim - a wise pastor and scholar and theologian.In a country emerging from decades of atheism, it is very important this work is aimed at a return to our spiritual roots.Anyone who wants to come and bow to the shrine, waiting Znamensky Monastery (Irkutsk).Address: Street Angarsk, 14. Anyone who has visited it, left the most favorable reviews.