St. Vladimir's Cathedral (Kiev): photos, icons and reviews

Vladimir's Cathedral (Kiev) is officially called Kiev Vladimir Patriarchal Cathedral.This is one of the most beautiful temples of the city.Its decor is striking beauty and a sense of spirituality.St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Kiev (photo below) - is an active Orthodox church.All travel agencies necessarily include him in the list of attractions of its routes.

history of the cathedral is one of the most famous and well-known Orthodox buildings - is Vladimir's Cathedral.Kiev was chosen for the construction is not accidental.The construction of the temple was dedicated to the anniversary of the baptism of the city.

Its history began in 1853, after referring to Nicholas I, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galich Filaret with a request for permission to build a cathedral in honor of Prince Vladimir - Baptist of Rus.

All work was carried out on charitable donations.On the day of commemoration of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, July 15, 1862, it was laid the first stone building.Construction of the building was completed in 1882, and work began on the interior decoration of the cathedral.Finally, in the spring of 1896 the work was completed.The official opening of the cathedral took place on 1 September.

In 1929, on the orders of the Soviet regime the cathedral was closed and turned into a museum of anti-religious propaganda.Then there was an archive, then the stacks.During World War II, the temple has resumed its work and is no longer closed.


hard to find the temple, which can surpass the beauty of paintings of Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev.Icons of famous artists are striking in their beauty and spirituality.The walls of the cathedral are painted with huge compositions on biblical themes.There is also the historical stories of the baptism of Rus Prince Vladimir.In addition to icons on the walls you can see the portraits of famous historical figures.

Many artists were invited to paint the walls of the Vladimir Cathedral.Kyiv welcomes celebrities such as Viktor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Nesterov, William (Vasily) Kotarbinsky Paul Svedomsky, Mikhail Vrubel.

All the decoration of the church is built on the idea to perpetuate the memory of Prince Vladimir.History of Russia presented itself as a part of human history.The temple itself is a great gratitude to the Creator, the approval of his glory through the greatness of the holy Kievan Rus.


Among the many churches and cathedrals, many parishioners are trying to get visitors to the service is the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev.Schedule of services include:

  • morning service - 9:00;
  • evening liturgy -17: 00;
  • sacrament of confession - before the daily liturgy;
  • Eucharist - daily, immediately after the liturgy;
  • baptism - daily from 11:00 to 15:00 without appointment;
  • wedding - in advance (required) agreement;
  • prayer service for the health - every day after the end of the liturgy;
  • funeral - every day after the end of the liturgy;
  • divine service - on Sundays and public holidays:
  • early Liturgy - 7:00;
  • late Liturgy - 10:00;
  • near the relics of St. Barbara Akathist - every Tuesday at 8.00;
  • near the relics of St. Macarius akathist - every Thursday at 17.00;
  • cover the holy Virgin Akathist - every Sunday at 17.00;
  • usually on Friday only in the days of Lent - the Sacrament of Holy Unction;
  • tour - daily from 11:00 to 16:00.

To visit the cathedral is open daily from 7:30 to 19:30 on Sundays and public holidays - from 6:30 to 20:00.

Cathedral Shrine

very conditionally all shrines are divided into three groups:

  • icons;
  • miraculous relics of saints;
  • icon with particles of relics.

Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, has at its disposal all kinds of relics:

  • relics of St. Macarius, Metropolitan of Kiev and St. Barbara.
  • Icons with particles of the relics of St. Nicholas and St. Agapit Caves;Cross with a particle of the Tree of the Lord.
  • Icons: Our Lady Gerbovetskoy "Unexpected Joy", "Quick to Hearken".

Every year thousands of devotees come to ask for help from the shrines is the Vladimir Cathedral.Kiev had seen cases of miraculous healing, some of them are documented.


Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev is also a monument of architecture.A beautiful example of classic, just for Russian architecture, old-Byzantine style.However, the architecture of the temple clearly show through the features of Nicholas style typical of many of the buildings at the time.

total length of the Cathedral - 55 meters, width up to 30 meters.The highest point - 49 meters.The cathedral bears seven domes (originally planned to thirteen).The facade is decorated with mosaics by the artist Vladimir Frolov.

central doors are made of bronze.They depict two figures is Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir the Great.The author of all the projects of bronze and marble work was Academician Adrian dust.

mosaic floor, and many elements of the interior are made of multicolored marble.Stone brought not only from Italy, used in the decoration of the temple of the Russian, French, Spanish and Belgian material.Central iconostasis is made of smoky gray Carrara marble.

Masters of Venice performed mosaic work, and silverware and other utensils for ceremonies manufactured jewelry firm Klebnikov, while one of the most famous.

Interesting facts

There are some interesting facts concerning the cathedral:

  • The temple was built over the 34 years.In some periods, building a standstill for a long ten years.
  • budget settings changed repeatedly and constantly increasing.The final amount spent on the construction of a building on today's exchange rate estimated to be more than fifty million dollars.
  • first project provides for the thirteen domes.So Cathedral seen architect Ivan Storm.
  • to paint murals of the cathedral, it took eleven years instead of the planned two.The work was carried out 96 artists.

  • Mikhail Vrubel had become a major artist on the painting of the church, but to the circumstances that did not happen.Renowned artist Nikolai Ge, despite a preliminary agreement to work in the Cathedral, suddenly refused to participate in this project.The cause has not been announced.
  • During the work on the image of the Virgin Victor Vasnetsov not once fell from the scaffolding.Over by the way, he worked for two years.His hands belong to individual figures thirty and fifteen tracks.For all the time his hand was painted over two thousand square meters.

few residing in the temple grandmothers happy to talk about the history of the cathedral, prompt where to put the candle, and be sure to see to it that your candle burned out.

Reviews of tourists visiting the cathedral, enthusiastic.Visitors noted the extraordinary beauty of the construction, its grandeur and solemnity.The most important thing for all, without exception, pay attention - this is a high spiritual temple.