How to make jam from lemons

Everyone loves lemons.But people with high acidity can not eat them, although very desirable.A wide range of useful properties of citrus simply count.Therefore, each hostess tries to oranges, lemons and grapefruits were on the table as often as possible.So why not cook the jam of lemons?It will please everyone with its gentle sour taste.Options cook it a little, which makes it possible to select a suitable just for you.

jam lemons.Recipe №1.

This method is one of the longest, but it gives an excellent result.We need 500 grams of lemon 1.5 kilos of sugar.Lemons cut into slices as thin as possible.Fill artesian water and cook until the crust will not completely soft.Then merge lemon broth and on the basis cook a thick syrup.Two cups of broth take two cups of sugar.Limonov Let cool slices in a bowl and shifts in glass jars, which we have prepared for jam.Ready syrup Let cool and pour it into the jars with slices.Close the plastic cover and give to stand overnight.In the morning we merge syrup cans and b

ring to a boil, add a little sugar.Again Let cool and pour into jars.Lemons are in the syrup until the morning.The next day, the procedure is repeated.The cooled jam roll up to the banks.It can be stored in a room or in the refrigerator, it will depend on the availability of space.

jam lemons.Recipe №2.

for this recipe requires one kilogram of lemons, half a kilogram of sugar and four cups of water.Choose a variety of thin-skinned lemons.Thoroughly wash the fruit under running water, then cut into thin slices or circles.Remove all the seeds, otherwise the jam will turn bitter.Fold in the chopped lemons enamel basin, fill with sugar and fill with water.Cook on low heat for 2 hours, stirring constantly.Ready jam Let cool in the pelvis and the cold has expanded in the banks.If you store the jam in the refrigerator, the banks can not roll, and close the plastic covers.

jam lemons.Recipe №3.

easiest recipe for those who like a smooth consistency, but wants to cook the jam of lemons.Scrolls through a meat grinder kilogram of lemons with the peel to the state of slurry.Fall asleep with two kilograms of sugar, and give a little stand.Half an hour later the lemon-sugar mixture is stirred in an enamel basin and put on a small fire.Cook for two hours, stirring constantly.Hot pour the jam into prepared jars and sterilize 15 minutes.Banks roll up.Let cool for a towel, put bottomed up.Ready jam can stand at room temperature.

For connoisseurs of citrus fruits may be advisable to prepare jam from oranges and lemons.It is perfect not only for an evening tea party, but also to decorate cakes.And in a jam jar - just feast for the eyes.For its preparation prepare one kilogram thin-skinned lemons and oranges, four kilos of sugar and two cups of water.Wash vegetables under running hot water and were dried with a towel.Cut into slices as thin as possible, and we put in an enamel basin.Fall asleep half slices of sugar and leave to infuse for an hour.Once given the large number of fruit juice, covered them with the remaining sugar, pour water, mix well and cook on low heat for two or three hours until fully cooked.Jam is necessary to stir constantly and shoot the emerging foam.The finished hot jam poured into pre-prepared jars, roll up slowly and cool for a towel.