Terrible expropriation.

you love old movies "about the revolution?"They show how people with burning eyes urge to punish the bourgeoisie, they have lost all the property and handing it to the poor.This process is called a foreign word "expropriation".What is it clear from the story: the factories - workers, land - to peasants and so on.But it is all so simple really?Let's face it.

meaning of the word "expropriation┬╗

With this, it becomes obvious as soon as you read a few lines in an explanatory dictionary.There's quite easy to describe the meaning of the term.Expropriation (synonym - Exemption) - is the process of expropriation.At the same time it can take place in various ways, have completely opposite meanings.It all depends on how the roles: who is the victim and who is - striker.In the same film shows the struggle of the revolutionary classes.There oppressed direct his order in the country.It was a process of redistribution of the means of production, in fact - change of ownership.Since legally it could be equated (yes it was, from the point of view of the bourgeoisie) to robbery, then had to quickly come up with a justification for such a beautiful "lawlessness."So arose the concept of expropriation.What this means a complete change of the social system, those who studied history, most likely clear.

little bit about the history of the term

I must say that the expropriation was not there in the days of Marx.The first person to officially apply this method of redistribution "of resources", referred to as the notorious Robin Hood.Remember, it took money from the rich and distributed them among the hungry?What is not expropriation?What this means for the development of society, it became clear much later.And it's not the material things, but in the social effect of substitution of concepts.That is, until Robin Hood such actions were considered ordinary robbery.It was decided that the purpose of his one - personal enrichment.But, giving this event a different meaning and social orientation, our "hero" literally revolutionized the minds.Now an ordinary robbery with good purpose becomes not a sin, but a good deed.

What might be expropriation

The fact that you can withdraw the property in different ways.Not all of them are so simple, like a Robin Hood.It is believed that expropriation may be gratuitous and recoverable.The first is called the confiscation.It is possible even by modern laws.Produced when the people in need of protection.For example, martial law - the basis for the confiscation of property needed for defense activities.The second option - the requisition.For property in this case pay.That is, the owner of the property does not lose completely, and receives compensation.If the property is taken by the state, then we are talking about nationalization.That is, in this case, the land becomes the property of the company and the people they are supposed to work for the benefit of every member of society.Although the "nationalization" and "expropriation" is very similar concepts, they have a significant semantic differences related to the organizer and executor process.The first - an unambiguous transfer of the Company, the second - a simple withdrawal, without future owner.

expropriation expropriators

If it is clear that the term means, it is possible to go further.When people start talking about the redistribution of the means of production, we have to build the ideological basis for the process.That is to explain why you need to take ownership and transfer it to another owner.When thinking in terms of a capitalist, then nothing can be explained.For him, the expropriation - robbery with whatever side you look.There is a different logic.How to create their savings expropriable?He believes that an honest living.The working class supports it.Discrepancies only who is labored.So, the logic of the expropriators, to seize the means of production should be the one who wrongly assigns extension product, that is, the capitalist.And give it to someone who creates a last - workers.It turns out that the capitalist himself looted, as it does not create wealth.That's the meaning of "expropriation of the expropriators": away from those who profited himself dishonestly.

Whether able to finish the process in the modern society

When you look at the issue from the point of view of history, it seems that the repetition of it now can not take place.However, it is not.Recent history has acquired a precedent of such action.They became subject to the Cypriot banks.The fact that there the institutions was beneficial to keep funds meant purely symbolic tax.So it was until recently.When Cyprus twisted terrible crisis, the government has received all the rules Marx.With deposits simply seized the funds.This explanation power officials did not ozabochivatsya.What For?People, you do use a lot of years of our very loyal policy, these funds are, the more likely you are hiding from taxes ... so share!That logic, showing the expropriation of the expropriators in the modern world.Financiers make unfavorable conclusions: the safest places in the world no more.