How to connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI yourself?

Today, there is no need to buy expensive disks to watch your favorite movies.The Internet offers a free multimedia online.For easy viewing of advanced users as the monitor using the TV screen.In this article, we look at how to connect your computer to a TV via HDMI.

The main advantage of this interface is to support higher resolution than can not boast a VGA-connector.In older TVs to connect external devices used most often tulip, as already provided for in the new nest for HDMI.

To connect older TVs, have to try, as the search for a suitable cable with the correct interface is not always end successfully.In any case, users will always come to help special adapters.However, it should be remembered - the smaller joints, the better the image.So if you have the opportunity to buy a cable with the right connectors, it is best to eliminate the use of adapters.

Before you connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI, should study in detail the interfaces of both devices.Cable found?Starting connection.Initially, you must remove the power cord plugged in.If the TV has an S-Video, it is best to use it, however, is not recommended for connecting to a TV to use a DVI, as the picture will turn out very poor quality.

Since HDMI simply connect, will not be considered by color The order of the connection (if your TV is attached to the tulip).Once the devices are connected, turn on the TV, then the computer.At the time when will be loading the operating system, the screen will flicker.This means that there is a connection to an external device.It is necessary to switch the TV to the input of audio and video (on the remote control is the key AV).Thus there is a connection of an external signal input.

But how to connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI, if the video card does not see the device?In this case, it is necessary to change certain computer settings.They will help determine the external monitor and bring to it the image.

In the properties necessary to identify a new video monitor.If you are using the new operating system Windows 7, right-click a single click on the desktop, a dialog window where you must select the screen resolution settings.In the menu that appears, press the "Find" button.And the TV show image.

So how to connect your laptop to your TV via an HDMI cable can be fixed length, it is recommended to pay attention to its size when buying.It has been said that the use of adapters have a negative effect on the image quality.It is not recommended to buy a cable length of more than two meters, as it affects the resistance of the conductor, with the signal over a long cord does not fully conveys partially drowning him.

We have seen how to connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI.With this regard, the need to huddle at the computer monitor the whole family disappears by itself, because now you can watch your favorite show online on the big screen.Some users manage to hide the cord from the computer to the TV for the skirting board, which is located in a special compartment.However, it will have to sacrifice image quality, because in order to hide the cable, it is necessary to use a long cord.