Can you go to visit?

not surprised such a question, because so many are not even aware that guests need to go to for some specific rules.On the anniversary of the wedding to friends do not go in solemn mourning garb, and to a neighbor for a cup of tea - in evening dress.Also think about where it came from saying "uninvited guests - worse than a Tatar."Not on an empty place.Of course, there's another adage: "A guest in the house - the owner of joy."But here it is important to determine which any guest and host.

If you were not invited, and you decide to follow the example of the wonderful Winnie the Pooh, the best ... call or write a letter (you can e-mail).Even the closest people to topple undesirable, out of the blue.Maybe even visit the adored daughter or beloved grandson at this moment may break some important plans for the home side.Apply an impromptu visit is possible only when the warning of his parish have no technical ability.In order not to put myself and the owners in an awkward position, remember that the visit without warning is valid only in cases of emergency or urgent cases.

If it is a little or strangers, just do not be a warning.You must have an official invitation, to agree on a specific time of the visit, specify the nature of the event to which you are invited.

If still you have to go without a special invitation, it should be remembered that the guests do not go early in the morning and late at night.Who goes to visit in the morning, he arrives not wise, but quite tactless: you never know what kind of things have been planned for the hosts.So before midday stroll somewhere, so if more than absolutely nothing to do.In no case do not come empty-handed.Flower hostess or a beautiful cake to the table will never be superfluous.

after eight o'clock in the evening on a visit without a special invitation is also better not to go.This eccentricity can afford only very young companies or people bohemian lifestyle, but there - its own rules, its own etiquette (or rather, lack thereof).However, all of the above only applies to visits to the homes, and does not apply to public social event, where once again the rules.

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