Weapons Assassins.

Few know that the Assassins - this is a whole ideological system among the Ismailis, not just a computer game.It is still central to the company "Ubisoft", which at the time invented such revolutionary gameplay.As it draws attention?Why are thousands of players again and again to get new parts?This is due to exciting and interesting plot, with great atmosphere.No less interesting and weapons Assassins.It is necessary to meet this trend closely.

These assassins

actually presented in the game Assassins very far from the original.

In the world of sustainable living legend, the alleged assassins - is a medieval special forces in the Arab world, an analogue of a ninja of Japanese culture.In fact it is not so.By their nature, these killer closer to the suicide bombers, and if we draw an analogy with today's world, the simple suicide bombers.Only the task they set themselves other: not to frighten the infidels, but to destroy a specific target.As a rule, immediately after he died that the assassin.

movement organized in 1094.Proponents of the son of Caliph al-Mustansir, led the Persian Ismaili WANA Sabbah announced that Abu Mansur Nizar is the ancestor of the invisible Imam.The ranks of assassins recruited young men who quickly turned into fanatics who can give his life for his head.

Now these communities are still preserved in some parts of the world.In general, they are located in 20 countries.

Basic knowledge about these soldiers it gives the first part of the game "Assassin Creed".In it, they still looked like their real counterparts, but later changed completely for the sake of the story, and entertainment.

In our world, the Assassins were similar knightly orders only from the Muslim world.It included Islamists Nizarites.Getting here was very difficult.Thus arose the mystical idea of ​​this movement.

widely known as adepts of this trend gained due to its endless terror, which they made their land came to the Crusaders.However, in contrast to the open and honest battle, which is preferred by most Muslims, weapons against the enemies of the Assassins was different.The hidden blade that could hit the enemy at any place and at any time - that's what used these ancient killers.

Education Assassins

In order to create the perfect soldier, the boys were recruited at a young age.The elder involved selection.Boys grew in severity and starvation.Few grown-up boys were given the opportunity to learn what a luxury.They were transferred to the garden, where there was an abundance of it is clear, fruits and female bodies comfort.Future killers drugged with hashish and preach their ideology, which was taken as truth.

ready to fight the warriors lived together, had nothing of their own.They were waiting for their turn to be elected to commit murder.It is a great honor for them.

Success game

This whole topic was a good idea presented in the first part of the game.In addition, to fight the Assassins and Templars have an excellent motivation - to fight for the sacred artifact, known as the "Apple of Eden."Hallmark "Assassin Creed" - a weapon in a stylish concealed blade.It Altair them hit their targets.

But the really game flourished with the release of the second part.For its time, it was a natural break.As if to show the importance of the two figures, weapons Assassins doubled - Ezio Auditore, the protagonist, has two hidden blade.

Millions of players have captured the adventures of the brave Italian and his struggle against the evil Templars."Assassin Creed 2" came out really a cult.

Many believe that this is the best game in the series, which failed to beat Atmospheric, music and characters.In the world created by "Ubisoft" want to come back again and again, as if to an old and prettier every day home.

At the moment, the last game of the series is "Assassin Creed: Unity."Weapons in this part is not particularly changed, except that the hero has become more and more devices use the gunshot.

The Assassins won

Weapons Assassins deserves special attention.It is necessary to understand what the real fighting Islamists Nizarites than they killed their enemies.If a dip in the video game, you can see a huge selection of unique special tools.

For the purposes set out in reality Assassins had considerable arsenal.Were they swords, daggers, knives, Qatar, swords and many other devices.Hidden blade used in the game, this is not fiction.Still, with such a variety of killer chose the main weapon of assassins - a simple dagger.A more efficient and fast tool you can imagine.Assassins were often on the job permanently because sophisticated weapons used was simply inappropriate.

His hands

One of the most famous weapon in the game Assassins - a hidden blade.He is deadly retribution in the capable hands of the Order.And how to make weapons assassin at home, try to understand.

It works pretty interesting.On one finger put on the ring to which held the thread.She, in turn, clinging to the spring.Once the assassin pulls right finger of bracers (part of the armor) immediately jumps blade.From there, it appears by a spring, and also pushed back.

This item allows you to make a lot of hidden action, which is used by the assassins.For example, it is possible to approach the victim in the crowd and cut the throat of a single touch, and the blade meanwhile instantly disappear in hand.

Of course, fans of the game have found the craftsmen who are able to fulfill their wishes.And we will try.

For this we need the blade of the knife, gloves and guides (ball).They should be like this, which is in the computer desk.On such a table for the guide leaves the keyboard.The blade must necessarily be long and have one the size of a carriage.They can be very easy to combine with a special glue, fasteners or adhesive tape.On the rails have holes.They can tie up glove, which must be made of strong skin.For aesthetic and more militant kind can come up with different decorations.Here already all depends solely on fantasy.

Except for the visual part, the blade is completely ready.He ejected due to a sharp flick of the wrist.Of course, it is not original - that was activated by a complex system of springs.Actually there are many ways to do hidden blade.But this - the easiest.

However, it is worth remembering that roam the streets with such devices neigrushechnymi illegal.Officially, these blades and swords fall under the class of "cold weapons" because "hunting Templars' can quickly end up in the nearest police station.


What weapons have assassin there yet?Yes, in fact, anything that can cause a fatal wound and lead to death of the victim will be useful.

In stories about these killers a lot of fiction, so do not believe the video games.After all, in fact, these soldiers were far from noble fighter for justice - no, it is the ordinary people, the idea of ​​zombies.