How to recognize a witch in the modern world

«Oh, how she looked - as much heart in the heel is gone!Witch kind of like evil eye ... "- this situation was probably everyone.Why do some women and I want to be called a witch?How to recognize a witch in the beloved and whether to do it?Many men whether in jest, whether seriously say: "You are my Witch ..." "That's a real witch!»

And absolutely right - every woman is by nature a bit of a witch: it is subservient to the intuitive, subtle world of premonitions and sensations.

And Mother Nature favors greater feminine energy, it is no wonder, too - a woman ...

But why the word "witch" conjure the image of the evil aunt with disheveled hair, a hooked nose and warts, is that the signs of witches?

It's simple: the time played a cruel joke, and the amazing, mysterious word "witch", "sorceress", "Veda" acquired a pejorative connotation.

Witchcraft - this is the secret knowledge that cure disease and help people.Are there witches now and how to recognize a witch?

Of course, there are certain features of appearance and behavior.

1. Listen to the inner voice.Near the witch many have strange excitement that is associated with a special energy: their energy a little bit different, more powerful, dense, bright, strong, and therefore there is a feeling of foreign invasion.

everyday communication will help you understand how to recognize a witch.

2. Bright witch most interesting conversations, well read, wise and prudent.Communicate with them brings joy, new knowledge opens the secret facets of human nature and makes go ahead, full of energy.

3. Dark witches taciturn, embittered, prefer to talk on topics that arouse in people's aggression, fear.After this communication there is no strength: you want to sleep, do not want to engage in favorite things, appears groundless irritability.

4. Eyes witches bewitch depth and wisdom, regardless of age.Even very young cheerful witch different clingy, estimates "Browse" soul eyes, she often looks directly into the eyes.Brown never look in the eyes, often mowed with one eye and look at them to run.

5. birthmarks and moles on the body distinguish hereditary witches, knowledge of which is transmitted by the nature.

6. Meet on clothes witch seriously - despite all the stereotypes, modern witches do not cover themselves in coats and wearing only black.In the clothing prefer exclusive models, original styles, silhouettes flying skirts and dresses, as if to emphasize the uniqueness.

7. Accessories are selected or massive cast, copyright or handmade.By the way, the witch is very like to do crafts: sew, knit, embroider, weave, as each of their creation - amulet for them or their loved ones.Seething witches energy must find a way out - a "secret" features that had even a beauty-wise woman Vasilisa in Russian folk tales.

8. believe that witches necessarily alone, do not have families, live far away from people in their homes or settle in the suburbs, in the modern world is meaningless.In ancient times - yes, it was, carefully guarded secret knowledge from prying eyes.Even saying "none of my business - I know nothing" went from here: a witch lived in the house and resort did not intervene in the affairs of the village common.Dark Witch rare, visit crowded places, first to "spill" his anger, and then "pull" more energy from others.

9. Witches do not avoid the church, on the contrary, it is often visited.But the dark witch, in contrast to the light, go to the temples and churches not to good, but to do evil.

But how to recognize a witch in the modern world without much knowledge, only experience will tell you, and a great desire, because it is virtually impossible, and no reason.