Installer Windows: Troubleshooting.

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overwhelming number of users working on home computers of all types, are sometimes required to establish a new program of Microsoft.Typically, only a couple of mouse clicks - and you're done, you can use it.But, like any sufficiently complex system, Windows might fail.As a rule, the problem of fault service - "Installer Windows", dealing with the unpacking of the program installation packages and registration values ​​for the registry.All files are packed using the protocols of the installer supplied with the extension msi.Each package is made of technology OLE (universal solution used for the software Microsoft) and a clearly structured micro database from the corresponding each other tables with the data needed for the installation.In addition, it is also a set of libraries, scripts, and other files, sealed cab-archiver.For the installation package from Microsoft for Windows since 2000 is characterized by the use of this service, which replaced the ACME Setup, a standard installer previous versions of Windows.The main differences from the installer archaic versions of Windows (3.11 and 9x) - graphical user interface, a return to the previous state of the system at any time, and the ability to remove the program.It should be noted that there are a number of widely used alternative installers - Inno Setup, Nullsoft Installation System, Minstaller, Spinstall, Smart Install Maker, Rinstall Wizard, and so forth, but for obvious reasons the installer Windows (Windows Installer) is a leader.

In this article, we'll show you how to eliminate potential problems with Windows Installer, performing complex reconstructive procedures, which will not re-install the operating system again, he prefers to do most users.In the worst case it will be necessary to check and re-register a large number of libraries, check out a few registry keys, or reinstall the program.But it's possible, everything will only launch an automated replacement utility that will do everything for you.We tried to collect as much information on this subject that will save you time.

So typical mistakes when you start the installation package running Windows Installer - "Failed to start the installer Windows", "Can not access the Windows Installer service", "Could not start the Windows Installer service on your computer.""Error 5: Access is denied."We try to run an automated mode fixes the problem through the application of Microsoft FixIt, download the appropriate patch from the official website of the corporation.The link to the patch is available from the article 2438651 (for older than Windows 7 systems will be installed an automatic service diagnosis, for XP users before installing it is necessary to upgrade to SP3).

If, for some reason, the patch did not help, and pops up the same error, we try to deal with the problem in another way.Start a command prompt (Win + R & gt; cmd.exe) in the mode of the system administrator.Type sfc / scannow and wait for the system to restore damaged libraries.Re-register the service teams msiexec / unregister, and msiexec / regserver.After that, the library register Windows Installer, using the command regsvr32 msi.dll.Then you try to run the installation file again.Most likely, it will work.If not, you need to reboot your system in safe mode, there is a command by typing msiexec / regserver.We try again.If it does not work and it is time to reinstall the service itself "Installer Windows".The easiest way to implement it using the utility Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.You can download it from the official site to support Microsoft, at the same time "grab" the official website of Windows Installer 45, which itself is the newest versions for almost all modern rulers of Windows.Most likely, this version of the installer more modern one that was installed on your machine.Unless you are using the Windows 7 installer licensed copy.After all works run the installation program file.If you did everything correctly, then all will be successful.