As a person uses the properties of water?

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Water is a basic element of life-support of our entire planet.All living beings began to develop it with her.Few people know that there are many kinds of water.They are characterized by their chemical and physical properties.People today successfully use the properties of water in the solid state.It is claimed this vital substance is not only at home but also in cosmetics and production.

Structured water

The human body is 80% water.This figure may vary slightly depending on the age and general health.No food can be a long time, many living beings.But without water few people can live.Although the quality of it as much depends.Scientists have long been interested in the question of why the inhabitants of mountain areas have a good life expectancy.The answer was in the water, which has a special composition.

The mountain spring water appears in those places where the snow begins to melt.This also due to its properties.The molecules are combined into macromolecules and ordered.After numerous studies it was found that the properties of the water in the solid state, similar to the properties of the liquid that fills the human body.It was found that a structured meltwater has tremendous health benefits.It is much easier to penetrate cell membranes, incurring a nutrients, vitamins and minerals.It is no coincidence structured water is widely used for cosmetic purposes.One only has to wash it every day, and his face will shine with health and youth.

Living and dead water

about the medicinal properties of the water people know from ancient times.Natural pure water that is in the mountain springs and rivers, can help in the treatment of a serious illness, prolong life.It is called a living.In nature it is also found dead water.It is located in the abandoned lakes and wells.Stagnant water, on the contrary, carries a risk to human health.

Science does not stand still.Today, living clean water is not uncommon.In order to take advantage of its unique properties, it is not necessary to go to a mountain river.A quality product can be obtained via electrolysis.They use special devices - activators.Under the influence of the water current in the formed negative and positive ions.The liquid becomes alkaline properties, and its structure becomes identical with water in mountain streams.Living Water helps food digestion, improves blood circulation.The cosmetic product is also used.

Drinking water

In ancient times, there is no question as to where to get water for daily use.After all, the environmental situation was not so serious as it is now.A huge number of factories and cars, global warming and the expansion of the population did their job.At the beginning of this century, shortage of drinking water touched 40% of the inhabitants of the planet.Scientists predict that this figure will increase significantly within a few decades.Because the water in the river without any treatment can be used in everyday life.

In our country, the drinking water supplied to the people due to the central water supply.Take it from underground sources.But before it will be possible to use the water people, it is subjected to multiple cleaning.Many sources it may not be suitable for drinking.Demineralized and begin its use in industry and manufacturing.The properties of the water in the solid state allows to use various cooling devices.

Fresh water Fresh water is considered a minimum salt content.In some sources the figure is only 0.1%.Wherein optionally water is in liquid form.It may also be in the form of a gas or ice.It should be noted that the supply of fresh water on the planet is negligible and occupy only 2.5%.Thus only 1% of people available for domestic use.As a person uses the properties of water?It depends upon the desired end.Fresh water can be used for cooking, for cosmetic purposes, for cooling devices in the workplace and so on.. In most cases, the salt will not do.

every day supplies of fresh water is getting smaller.This causes pollution, a significant increase in population, the greenhouse effect.Very soon, for domestic purposes will have to use other types of water.And while scientists do their best to learn how to produce fresh water by artificial means.People create ponds and learn to save.

main sources of fresh water

primarily uses water from surface sources.It's rivers and lakes.The home can also be used pre-purified water is underground.Some fresh prepared from the precipitation.Huge stock of liquid stored in glaciers (over 80%).Global warming may lead to the fact that the glaciers will melt, reducing the amount of fresh water.A property of water in the solid state can be successfully used to maintain the required life of the product.

Today the main fresh water reserves are concentrated in Brazil.The second place is occupied by the CIS countries.Only one Lake Baikal is 20% of world reserves.Its volume is more than 20 thousand cubic kilometers.The composition and properties of water in the lake are distinguished by their uniqueness.Baikal allows you to improve your health, as well as to fix the psychological state.

Tap water

water in the apartment and the house gets through a special system - water.The liquid passes through several stages of pre-cleaning.If the house in addition to install the filter, the water can be drunk straight from the tap.The system software it is formed by a metal pipe.The quality of communication depends gaseous property of water.Liquid quickly evaporates additional impurities at high temperatures.Eat this water is not desirable.

Before the water gets to the people, it is carried out through the cleaning station.Here it is defending, filtered through a special lattice, conduct primary and secondary chlorination.These procedures allow to remove the contaminants, eliminate pathogens from the water.If the work is cleaning station been established correctly, tap water can be consumed.

Hard water

Tough is the one in which highly concentrated salts of magnesium and potassium.There are various types of water with additional impurities.This total hardness, temporary and permanent.Total hardness determined by the concentration of salts in the water in the primary state.The constant can be determined only after boiling water.Specifies the number of chlorides and sulfates.These salts are not destroyed under high temperature and do not precipitate.

temporary hardness can be changed.There is also a boiling process.At temperatures above 80 degrees disintegrate hydrocarbons.The result is a carbonate precipitate.That is why after boiling water is much softer.As a person uses the properties of water in a soft state?Such a liquid would be more acceptable for human consumption.In hard water for cosmetic use is undesirable.

How to determine the hardness of the water?

There are some signs that will help determine whether the amount of salts in the water rate.Look at things after washing.If they become more rigid, and white becomes yellow, you should pay attention to the composition of water.Salts can react detergents.This can be seen even while washing dishes.On a bast will produce less foam, may appear white flakes.

Scale - this is the first sign of water hardness.If the kettle is quickly cluttered precipitation after boiling, it is worth considering the acquisition of an additional cleaning device.After washing with hard water there is a feeling of tightness and dryness.Liquid simply washes away the natural protective layer of skin.Soft water also allows you to save face moist.

Deionized water is water that has gone through several major stages of cleaning.As a result, the liquid removed from salt ions and impurities, increases the level of resistance.This water does not exist in nature.Get it can only thanks to a multi-level cleaning.Primarily water is passed through the filter.Next, the procedure is carried out using ion exchange resins.

ionized water - this is the most clean liquid, which is used by people.As a person uses properties of water such as this?Primarily in cosmetology.Various creams and masks prepared on the basis of deionized water, have excellent properties.The skin is moisturized, reduces wrinkles and acne.Deionized water may also be used in medicine.On the basis of the liquid prepared various drugs.

Distilled water Water for industrial uses is purified by distillation.Thus obtained liquid without impurities and harmful pathogens.You do not have to remember about the beneficial properties of water.The world around us with a similar liquid composition has not.The problem is that during the cleaning process, it also gets rid of beneficial microorganisms.This water is called "dead."Such fluid has specific physical properties.It has low conductivity, and boils at a higher temperature.Distilled water is used for heating, while cooling devices of different elements.

double distilled water

Bidistillyatsiya - is another way to purify water from impurities and microorganisms.The result is a completely clean liquid.This water has a conductivity of less than 1 mS / cm.As a person uses properties of water such kind?First the purified liquid is used in medicine.For injections needed water quality.Such fluid is also used during various laboratory tests.