He suffers from insomnia to do

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Today, millions of people have a very high debt seriously.Because of this long there is traffic accidents, falls career, and may even break up the family.Suppression of the immune system and reduced life expectancy, diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disorders often accompany these "debtors."What kind of debt?Deficit sleep.

How to determine whether you have a sleep debt?

every man, according to scientists, it takes about 8 hours of sleep a night.However, studies have shown that there are people and mnogospyaschie malospyaschie.How to conduct an honest samoanaziz to find out whether there is the case in your sleep deficit.Pay attention to the signs of full sleep:

• Falling asleep, a person is relaxed, does not experience anxiety, sleep comes easily, without sleeping pills.

• A man wakes up in the middle of the night rarely, but woke up quickly falls asleep again.

• In the morning, usually without the aid of an alarm clock, a man wakes up very easily at the same time.

• easy to get out of bed, feeling cheerfulness during the day it does not tend to sleep.

How to treat insomnia, practical advice

If at times you still suffer from insomnia, what to do:

1. Do not eat before going to sleep stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol).It is a misconception that alcohol can accelerate sleep.Although many feel drowsy after drinking alcohol, yet they will act excitingly.

2. Give up smoking.Not only do not smoke before going to sleep, but stop smoking altogether.First of all smokers have difficulty falling asleep, since smoking increases blood pressure, increases heart rate, stimulates the brain.Due to withdrawal symptoms smokers wake up at night more often than other people.

3. Refrain, better abstain completely from the intense physical or mental work immediately before sleeping.Physical education promotes proper rest but not to sleep.Completely dispel the dream may be disturbing and painful emotional experiences.Try to distract and not worry excessively.

4. If your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet, you will sleep better.If you live nearby noise sources, such as highways, airports, restaurants and night like that, even though you get used to these sounds, sometimes still possible to sleep disturbance.What to do in these cases?Earplugs and other means of protection against unwanted noise to help drown out other sounds and quiet sleep.Some people, to drown out the sound of the street, using the so-called "white noise".It is a continuous, low-frequency sounds monotone nature, such as the hum of a rotating fan.

5. Carefully use the pills for insomnia.Fata evidence that these drugs are addictive and long-term use of their unwanted side-effects occur.If you often suffer from insomnia, what to do, tell the doctor, but the drugs should be used only for short-term treatment.

consider whether the sheep?

main question people who suffer from insomnia, "What should I do to go to sleep?".To answer it, researchers conducted an interesting experiment.Three groups of patients with sleep problems, was asked to perform a simple task.The first group was offered imagine something very pleasant, causes relaxation - a waterfall, rest in a pleasant place or something like that.Another group had to mentally count sheep, and a third group had the task to come up with something of their own.As a result, the first group fell asleep about 20 minutes earlier than usual!Others, however, longer than usual could not sleep.Counting sheep is useless and boring, besides, it does not help to forget about everyday worries.

Follow the example of the first group.If you suffer from insomnia, what to do, you know.Try to apply all of these tips, and your life will be transformed.

Pleasant dreams!