The method of deduction and observation

hardly a man in our time, who has not seen films about Sherlock Holmes or read a book about how he deftly and quickly unravels the most complex scene.Attention to detail and the method of deduction - that's the secret of the success of the famous detective.Of course, it is building its conclusions popular hero Arthur Conan Doyle, is a real talent and a rare skill.Not all of us can demonstrate the deductive method of Sherlock Holmes in action and their ability to see details.However, the quality of the data it is possible to develop your own.It all depends on the strength of desire.

Development observation

with observational no questions arise - a useful skill to notice the little things are quite capable of developing any person.It is proved that this quality can be trained at any age.Even Leonardo da Vinci recommended not to look at the world just as well play all seen the mind's eye.K. Paustovsky advised when looking to keep in mind the idea that all you need to be seen to describe colors.The most simple exercise - "Observation on inspiration" - available to everyone: to choose the subject carefully consider it when inhaling and when exhaling close the eyes and mentally imagine it, while trying to recall the maximum number of items.

development of deductive reasoning

Let's see what it is.The method of deduction - it is a way of logical thinking, which is based on building a particular conclusions from the existing general provisions.In other words, it is the movement of thought from the general to the individual.The method of deduction has clear rules at the time suggested and substantiated mathematician Descartes.There are four, so will be easy to remember:

  1. accept as truth anything clearly and distinctly perceived, it does not give any reasons to doubt.
  2. any complex thing should be divided into basic components in order to obtain knowledge of the initial particles.
  3. Cognition thought should be in the form of a sequence of elementary, the simplest and most understandable to us things more complicated and difficult to understand.
  4. During all these operations, take into account the full findings (you can use the list and classification).

develop a method of deduction can be a variety of ways.Those who like to understand everything thoroughly, can easily find the corresponding manual or tutorial with which to practice solving problems.A good option would be spending time with a person with a well-developed logical thinking, communication which would help to build the right conclusions.You can watch someone from the friends of your friends, about which nothing was known, and then in a conversation with a friend to check their inferences about a person, how many years is doing, where he lives, etc.And the observation of facial expression and clothing of your friends can say a lot.

How else to improve the method used deduction

Prefer detectives.Solve crossword puzzles.Try any problem to find not one, but several options, and then sequentially analyze each select the best of them.The deductive method is not only important to notice the little things, but to be able to summarize the available information.Therefore, learning based on individual facts mentally assemble a complete picture.Sooner or later there will be amazing results.The main thing - to put a goal and to follow a plan worked out.