What is the electric current: the directional movement

Everyone knows from experience that such an electric current, but not all understand the physical nature of this phenomenon, especially during school physics course it is not interested.And for many students physics textbooks seem vaguely written.Let's try to fix these errors, describing this phenomenon is simple.

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The word "current" indicates that it is a movement, not a static phenomenon.What is electricity?It's just the directional movement of charged particles in a conductor or electrolyte.Classic Guides - items from metal.They always considered dangerous, remember this, if you need to push the victim from the power source.The nature of the electric current in metals is connected with the special property of matter.The fact that the electrons in metals and are free enough to represent a kind of the collective management.Therefore, this category of substances current is conducted very easily, easily achieve the directed motion of particles.

Events in solutions

electric current is also well communicated with solutions of charged particles - ions.Wherein the cathode, the negative electrode suitable cations particles positively charged and towards the anode - anions particles whose charge - negative.The solution thus negative and positive ions, i.e. electrolytes - a good conductor of current.

Why change?

Types of electric current - so often formulated as a question on the exam.And in response, as a rule, they want to hear: "constant or variable."What's the difference?Constant current flows in the same direction, variable changes direction.What was the need alternating current (namely, he served in the consumer services and industry?).The fact that by using a much lower AC losses during its transmission through the cable.Thus, the transfer of electricity is becoming more economical.

Electricity and magnets

What is the electric current in nature?He was seen everything, who saw lightning - current voltage and monstrous.Man uses many of the same properties of current, for example, the ability to induce magnetic phenomena: inductors, motors and generators.It is the work of scientists and researchers we must comfort of modern life.

Northerners see more

What is electricity for residents of the Nordic countries?This is the reason Northern Lights, is very impressive natural phenomenon.Another example of a natural electric current can be considered a so-called solar wind, which, strictly speaking, is the cause of the aurora borealis.This stream of particles from the solar corona.It also creates a magnetic storm.This flow is normal for the sun, but some people constantly feel these things for yourself.

electric current also can cause thermal phenomena.Simple heating of the working devices - proof.And it's not just about the device, designed to heat, such as a boiler and heater.Side effect - heating of the electric current - very common.

electric current many decades faithfully serves man.But we must be very careful with him.We pay tribute to the hundreds of lives electricity annually due to negligence killed a lot of people.The current does not forgive mistakes!