Statistical data processing and its features

Statistical analysis is impossible without their ordering, synthesis and analysis.Any results obtained must first be put in such a form that one could get the most useful information.If the data is too much, then they need to be grouped or generalized.

So grouping is necessary to define the rules under which the data will be distributed.At the same time the chosen method will depend not only visibility but also the potential usefulness of the information obtained.Correct grouped results of studies is much easier to study and analyzed.

Statistical data processing methods can be applied in many areas of human activity.They can be divided into 3 main types:

1) generic methods that can be used without taking into account the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication;

2) methods for specific areas of activity involved in the study of real processes and phenomena;

3) methods for the study of certain data.

Clearly, the more precise method by which conducts statistical processing of data, the analysis would be more productively particular situation.If the first method is applicable to the scientific results, the significance of which will be assessed only on scientific criteria, the third method is used only for specific tasks in a particular area.

addition to the general knowledge about the methods by which the data is processed, it is also important to know how to work better with the results.Statistical data processing involves the creation of tables or graphs for clarity of information received.

The initial information can be summarized in a table.For example, the statistical processing of the experimental data recorded in a tabular format allows researchers to rid of unnecessary additional records indicators of the measurements, additional factors affecting the course of the experiment.The tables are not only convenient to write the data of the study or experiment, but also to sum up the results of intermediate and basic.However, for the right of their construction is necessary to think in advance the necessary number of rows and columns, write down all the options you want.

table can be done simply on paper or directly enter the data into the computer.The second embodiment can quickly sort the obtained data fit manner, to find the greatest, or conversely, a small value summarize or find the average value of the results of the selected group.

Do not forget that if the competent statistical processing of data requires multiple tables, they must be numbered and each come up with a unique name.

more visual method of recording data is graphics.They visually show the relationship between different values, facilitating the understanding of the results of the study.

Knowing the basic principles of construction of tables and graphs, you can quickly and efficiently perform the processing of the data.