How to transfer pictures to a computer with the IPhone: instruction for beginners

Today we will talk about how to transfer photos to a computer with the IPhone.Immediately it should be noted that you definitely need a USB-cable.As a rule, it is supplied with the device.The article also shows how you can synchronize your phone or tablet to your computer.This will allow you to copy not only the image but also the other content.So, then, you'll learn how to transfer photos to a computer with the IPhone.

Moving images

As already mentioned, you definitely need a cable USB.If you do not, then you can buy anywhere that sells accessories for IPhone and other devices Apple.To transfer photos, you need only connect the cable to the phone and the computer.At the same time the operating system recognizes your device as a camera or camcorder.And this will be enough to transfer your photos.If you need to copy files or other information that you will need to install additional drivers and software.


We have already discussed how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, now let's learn how to copy other types of files.Apple devices are very popular all over the world.In this regard, many developers create more new software for different kind of services.And there are plenty of tools to ensure synchronization of the device with a computer.But still recommended to use only the official program.For example, iTunes.This program provides the transfer of such objects, such as: notes, ringtones, music, events calendar, video, photos and more.Download iTunes is completely free from the official website of Apple.But first you need to make use of some of the settings are described below.

Setting iTunes

First, connect the USB-cable to your computer and phone.When you hear the sound announcing about finding a new device, open iTunes.Here you must be in the "library".In the upper right corner you will find the tab "Device".Click on it and select your phone.When you want to sync, click on "Apply".

more information

For more convenient use utility iTunes IPhone Apple owners are invited to transfer files over a wireless network.This would apply Wi-Fi.You must have your own Wi-Fi-router.The first connection is made using a USB-cable.Then you will not need it.The main condition for synchronization via Wi-Fi is the finding of a single network.Setting is carried out in the same manner as in the standard connection.In some cases, the synchronization can not be started if your phone or tablet is not connected to the charger.This restriction is removed after setting.


Sync allows you to extend the basic functionality and get new features.You can always save your data and be assured that they "accidentally" being removed.Hopefully, now the question is how to transfer photos to a computer with the IPhone, the solution for you.