To help the student: what is the comparative turnover

in speech and writing for more accurate and vivid communicate using different kinds of language constructs.Their main task - to bring the semantic aspect statements without distortion, to make it as clear, to emphasize the emotional shades.One of the main roles in the assigned comparative turnover.

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Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the language means of expression - that is the comparative turnover.It occurs on the basis of association, where the speaker is looking for a more convincing similarity of the object or phenomenon in question, with the other, more well-known participants in the moment of speaking.The same principle is built the trail - an iconic figure of poetic speech.One of the best examples of what a comparative turnover, we can find in the lines of the famous poem Bunin of the golden autumn "Forest, just a tower painted ..." Thus, based on this linguistic phenomenon is the convergence of any concepts, more often than notrelated, for over one could describe and explain more.

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If we analyze what the comparative turnover syntactic point of view, the answer might be: this is part of a simple sentence in the composition of the complex.It consists usually of the names of the parts of speech or another in the value of the name and the explanatory words or combinations of words.For example, such a structure: noun the form of I. n. + explanation.The verbal shell it looks as follows: "The clouds, like a proud white-breasted sails slowly and majestically floating on the sunset sky."Demonstrated that such comparative traffic in the event that it is expressed by a noun in one of the oblique cases, or another part of speech in the form of one of the minor members of the "whole forest moaned, sighed and groaned in the wind like a wounded orinsanely terrified living being. "Of course the comparison of objects or phenomena is carried out with the help of the unions, which, on the one hand, connect the parts of the proposal, on the other hand, perform the function thereof.These include: "definitely," "if," "if," "how," "like," "as if" and others. "All the trouble will dissipate like smoke misty morning" - a comparative turnover.The examples show that in the letter he released a comma.Being expressive figure of speech, this design is an integral part of the artistic style.The language of poetry, the language of prose most saturated with metaphors and comparisons, explicit and hidden, veiled.The ability to create and consume the place turns comparative, examples of which we see in the language of Turgenev, Lermontov, Sholokhov, Bulgakov, and other masters of the word helps expressed succinctly and concisely, without prejudice to the emotional and semantic richness of expression."The richness of language in savings" - this is the basic principle of using comparisons.

the study of the topic, to pay attention to the difference between these structures from their loved paranasal parts slozhnopodchinёnnyh proposals with a value of facts / comparisons.