List compliments girl.

Not all men are able to do the girls compliments.Our article is for those who want to learn.Compliments girl, a list of which can easily come up with, has always been an important part of the communication between man and woman.They are extremely highly rated at the first meeting.Sometimes on their quality depended on how successful will be familiar.In general, only one conclusion: the man should be able to speak the words, compliments girl, with at the highest level.Let's note the key principles that must be observed.

1. genuinely

most important thing - praise genuinely and honestly.It is unlikely that the pre-compiled list of compliments to a girl you begin to express the first counter may please her, especially praising what it is not.That is necessary to verbally express only what is inherent in each individual woman.When it is obvious that the girl did not differ foresight and common sense, do not call it an intellectual.Flattery can "go" on the hand, but in the future everything will be worse.Compliment from the heart.

2. Care

Some men in theory, know how to make compliments, but not always, they do apply it in practice.It is enough to be a little closer and the first to notice the rest of the specific details of the female image.Even if the girl clothes there is nothing remarkable, focus on her manners or outline of the body.For example, while a smile on her cheeks, dimples appear.The main thing - not to lose!You can say, "You have such delicious dimples!Smile more often! "And very useful to keep in mind a ready list of compliments girl.This will help overcome the lack of confidence.

3. Eccentricity

This principle is an extension of the second.When, in the first seconds of meeting you notice a beautiful hairdo and outfit the girl, then just tell her about it.As a thank you, it will certainly grant you embarrassment or an enigmatic smile.And best of all come up with the best possible non-standard compliments.For example, "you're gorgeous" sounds a bit corny.But praise "you are beautiful, like a ray of sunshine," Woman are often not exactly favor.

list compliments girl

We do not give specific phrases that are quite easy to come up with yourself, and focus on the fact that it can be commended in a girl.Here's a sample list:

  • head: hairstyle, lips, smile, eyelashes, eyes;
  • body: neck, figure, chest, posture, tummy, waist, etc .;
  • hands skin, fingers, manicure;
  • legs: pedicures, knees, feet, hips, gait.

also praise style, thoughts, beliefs, behavior, skills, personal qualities, and so on. D. This list could go on for a long time.The main thing - the presence of fantasy.If at first you do not get to praise the dignity of women, do not worry.Make a list of compliments a girl in advance and continue to practice.Soon you will learn to notice details, the praise which women will be delighted.And remember that everything girls love compliments.So do them as often as possible!