What does the word mentalist?

«What does the word" mentalist "?" That is the question people ask after watching the first episodes of the series of the same name, in which Patrick Jane helps the police in uncovering the most intricate crimes (usually murder).For the ear of the Russian viewers more familiar term "psychic" (man with supersensible abilities) than some strange "mentalist".The word came up with George Kreskin, which means by the term of the common man, who developed super powers of his mind.Of course, this is not the Hollywood stereotype of gaining super powers as a result of the accident, abduction by aliens, or being struck by lightning (shock).The rational mind of Americans deny such miracles and consider them charlatans media (which is true for 99%).But at the same time, any sane person realizes that, if desired, anyone can develop the appropriate skills.Since most of us materialists, we want to believe it.In addition, there does not hypnosis, manipulation of mass consciousness ITd.?

What does the word "mentalist"?

Let's talk more about this concept.In his interview with George Kreskin often gives a definition of "mentalist".The meaning of the following: "This is a man wielding skills of suggestion and hypnosis, sharpness of mind, behavior management.Mentalist not only read the thoughts of others, but also to easily deploy their own, knows the answer to a question yet, recognizes past interlocutor and can predict his future.In fact, his actions there is nothing supernatural, although at first glance it seems that way.He's just the most developed his possibility of consciousness that are given birth to any person, and uses them "to the fullest."Any good mentalist accurately understand people and know how to recognize their psychological characteristics.As tools he uses human facial expressions, his gestures and any specific features of behavior.In fact, to become a mentalist, Kreskin spent almost 60 years.Not everyone is ready to go!But to understand what skills are needed for this lesson, it does not require a lot of time.

main skill

So now we know what the word mentalist, and we can consider in detail the necessary business skills.And the most important of them - this insight.That is when you are a man says something, and you know it thus.This happens infrequently, and this must be learned.After all, usually we just pretend to listen, looking forward to when we will speak out.

desire to understand someone else - it is a rare gift, with which you can get answers to almost every question.But for this we must be able to overcome himself and to listen even that is completely contrary to your beliefs.Only in this case it may appear to a person of interest and the ability to understand it.It is important to play the role of interlocutor for the obedient disciple, whose main goal - to listen and understand, and not "get into the soul."As a textbook sure to check out the series itself, and then you do not even have a question about what the word "mentalist".