Management of investment projects - a real opportunity to reform the country's economy.

Investment Projects Management and efficient use of all concepts of project management of the real economy - a promising opportunity of reforms in all sectors of the national economy.Currently, project management techniques necessarily used in the construction, metallurgy, oil, power, gas and other industries.Management of investment and construction projects is a requirement in any programs with the participation of foreign investors.The main objective, of course, is the efficient management of investment projects.

Earlier studies suggest that effective coordination requires constant management tools, the timely introduction of quality management and compliance with environmental safety projects.

Management of investment projects in the construction industry involves identifying risks, developing ways of reducing their maximum.Also it is necessary to consider the stages of planning, control and regulation of the process and progress of the project.The important point is the formation of the composition of the project team and the distribution of functions among its members.

In turn, the introduction of the conceptual model of quality management (with the acronym in English. "QMS") the economic efficiency.This model of QMS in the organization should be understood as a model of the ISO 9001, which is classified as a business process and management process in the life cycle of products.Let's decipher that specifically includes the latest.Again, the initially formed a competent project team, within which are distributed the powers, responsibilities and functions of the project.Also required regular internal audits, document management, quality analysis of internal and external data.

Management of investment projects means including human resource management and resource organization.The need to optimize all assets and liabilities, as well as the management of production facilities and infrastructure.And this is only a summary of the necessary steps in quality management that provides immediate gains in efficiency in the implementation of the project.

In the management of investment and construction projects is very important ecological security, taking into account all the possible environmental risks and disasters.Thus, environmental protection requirements must be ecological design during the manufacturing process.

project management methods varied, but in the sphere of investment and construction, they stipulate a mandatory plan to increase the efficiency of project implementation, timely and quality implementation of quality management and environmental safety management.