Who invented the wheel?

We often hear the phrase, "Why reinvent the wheel", but where and when he still was invented?

Creating bicycle is associated with many legends and misconceptions.But what it was, really?

Legends and misconceptions

assertions that the bicycle was invented already in antiquity, are not convincing.A common pattern "bicycle" on the window of the Church Stoke Poges is a forgery, the scientists found that in fact it chariots figure associated with Cherubim and Seraphim in medieval iconography, the second wheel was pririsoval.

Scooter alleged 1791, whose owner was called the Comte de Sivraka (Comte de Sivrac) is a falsification in 1891.This story was invented French journalist Louis Baudry.In fact, the Comte de Sivrak - a fictitious person, became the prototype kotorgo Jean Henri Sivrak, received in 1817 permission to import four-wheel carriages.

Matches on a bicycle image in Codex Atlanticus (133v), which is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci apprentice Giacomo Kaprotti also a forgery of the early 70-ies of the 20th century.

Bicycle Russian peasant Artamonov, in which he allegedly drove in 1801 from the Urals to Moscow, too fake.There are many examples of counterfeiting: it is bicycle from Thuringia, the creation of which dates back to 1844.As an Italian bike in 1855.Today, this bike is put on display in the Museo Nationale della Scienza e della Tecnica da Vinci.


In 1817, German inventor Baron Karl Draize created the first scooter, which has been called his "machine for walking."There was a scooter handlebars and saddle.Scooter was named for the inventor of the trolley, and the word is still used in the Russian language.In 1818 he was granted a patent for this invention.

In the years 1839-1840 the invention has been improved.Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan added pedals to it.The rear wheel is attached to the pedal metal rods, pedal pushing the wheel, the cyclist is between the front and rear wheel and control the bike using the rudder, which in turn was attached to the front wheel.A few years later, British engineer Thompson have been patented, inflatable tires for bicycles.However, the tires were technically flawed and did not spread at the time.

name "bicycle" coined in 1853 by French coach Pierre Michaud master.

mass production bike with pedals was launched in 1867.

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