What is the prosecutor, as well as cases in which it is served

precisely to eliminate the fact that any violation of the laws of our country provides a range of specific powers possessed by prosecutors.

As experts say, this competence is called legal means, which are applied to the prosecutor's response.Such facilities response can be divided into certain types.For example, there are common, which are applicable to all branches of supervision.You can find specific and that are more appropriate for individual sectors, as well as some areas of activity.

In response a number of common tools to include acts of protest, which are contrary to law, ie the prosecutor, carries a requirement to eliminate the violations in accordance with the applicable legislation.All actions must be taken by the prosecutor in the end to create all the preconditions for bringing to justice all set involved in the case the perpetrators.

What should contain a supervisory appeal and the prosecutor's

can say with certainty what the prosecutor is a document that is most frequently used as one of the best ways to respond to the violations of the law.

Regulation on the submission described in Art.24 of the Law on the Judiciary.The prosecutor introduced by the prosecutor in another case, this procedure has the right to perform his deputy.This document is subject to almost immediate consideration by authorized persons who are required to take all necessary measures for its implementation in the shortest time.

Making the prosecutor paid solely on the basis of the audit carefully, including a deep analysis of the identified discrepancies legislation.The supervisory complaint is filed directly with the court of supervisory instance.The document must contain the most complete information, the study of which could immediately understand the position of the prosecutor.

main points

document must contain the following items:

  • name of the court, which will be sent to the submission;
  • data of the person who delivers the performance, as well as the place of residence;
  • names of other persons who due to objective reasons are involved in the case;
  • data of third parties, as well as their place of residence;
  • indication of the number of decisions and rulings to be appealed;
  • indication of footnotes, which you can find out what the violation was committed by the courts.

How to prepare and deliver the response to the idea

Once the submission has been received, should be given an answer within the statutory period, ie no later than 30 days.Note that the answer to the prosecutor should contain full information on what measures have been taken to eliminate such violations.To do this as carefully as possible to consider the resulting document and take all necessary measures, which will eliminate the illegal actions.You should also resolve the issue of bringing all responsible persons to set disciplinary responsibility.

If a citizen or organization is considered the arguments unfounded, an appeal can be made to the prosecutor's higher bodies.However, one should know exactly what are the reasons for this.It should be in full accordance with the law to describe all the facts that the violations mentioned in the presentation, were not admitted.The only way to protect themselves from a difficult situation in the future.