How to adopt a newborn child: all stages of the procedure

citizens who decide to adopt a young child, is indeed worthy of praise.However, before they become legal parents have to go through a lot of procedures.To slightly shorten the duration of this process, it is necessary to know precisely all the necessary steps.How to adopt a newborn child, you can learn on.

Contacting guardianship authorities

If citizens intend to become adoptive parents, to begin with, they should contact the guardianship authorities.These bodies are authorized to issue an opinion on the possibility of the applicant (s) to take the newborn into the family.Before you adopt a child in Russia, the guardianship is necessary to prepare such documents:

- autobiography;

- certificate of no criminal record;

- information on income;

- marriage certificate (if the adoptive parents are the spouse);

- an extract from the house (another document confirming the ownership of housing);

- medical report.

Preparing for trial

As is known, the adoption of children only through a court order

in a special production.How to adopt a newborn baby?Citizens who want to adopt a child, it must submit an application to the court (in the community) with the following data:

  • name of the adoptive parent (adoptive) and their place of residence;
  • information about the child (name, his place of residence, information about his other relatives, including the parents);
  • circumstances of the case (explanation of the reasons for adoption, with supporting documents);
  • other requirements (name change, the names of the newborn, date of birth, as well as recording the child's parents of the applicants).

The application also included:

  1. Marriage certificate (if spouses are adopted).
  2. passport (if there is only one foster parent).
  3. consent of the spouse (wife) for adoption (if you take a child only wants a husband or wife).
  4. Health certificate of the adopter.
  5. FAQ his income, place of work, the availability of housing.
  6. document that proves that a citizen is registered as a candidate for adoptive parents.
  7. Statement guardianship authority and guardianship.

How to adopt a newborn child: hearing

court hearing held behind closed doors.In addition to the applicant, the court must also present a prosecutor, a representative of the guardianship and custody and other stakeholders.

Judge, respectively, can take two types of solutions: either allow the adoption of a newborn or to refuse it.With a favorable outcome of the case law and the responsibilities of the adopters become effective immediately after the entry into force of a court decision.

How to adopt a newborn child: post-trial design

Adoption must be registered at the registry office.The basis for such registration will be the decision of the court rendered in favor of the applicants.If the court had decided to record the adoptive parents of a newborn baby, change the date or place of birth, the employee of the institution is to bring such information to the adoptee's birth certificate.

many parts concerned with the question: "How to adopt a child of his wife (her husband)?"In this case, the adoption procedure is carried out in the same manner as described above.