What is the benefit for the care of children.

new rules accrual related to the fact that since January 1, 2013 came into effect certain changes that were made to the law of the Russian Federation No. 255. The regulations put the employer pays benefits for child care until the child is notIt turns 1.5 years.This can be done for one of the parents, who promptly and in accordance with the law designed holiday, providing child care.In that case, if the citizen is not officially registered in any workplace, he may receive benefits in local social protection located at his place of residence.It should be noted that while the citizen will not receive any unemployment benefits.

How to get benefits

After filing the necessary documents the decision on compensation is usually taken within ten days.Calculation of the period starts with the delivery of documents to the competent authority, representing the interests of social protection of citizens.In the case where the employee performs his functions at home and go out into the workplace in a mode of reduced day care allowance for children is provided in the usual manner.As soon as the documents are reviewed by authorized personnel, made accruing benefits is paid begins the next day marked in sick leave.This document is issued on maternity leave.

The allowance ceases on the day the child turns 1.5 years.It should be noted that the care of the parent immediately with two or more kids, the size of payments for care will be added.However, the total amount constituting the benefit of childcare, can not exceed the amount of the estimated average earnings.However, the amount received will not be less than the total minimum rate of pay.

Procedure for payment of salaries for child care

Currently, care allowance for children can be obtained by referring him not later than six months after the birth of the baby.If we talk about vacation, his woman has the right to use as a whole or in small pieces.If the mother interrupted allotted vacation and went out into the workplace, then it has to receive the payment will be.Note that if a woman was taking part vacation, and then went to work, but then wants to resume, she is entitled to the remainder of the grant.The employer must allow it is in place part-time, which does not deprive her chances of getting laid sums from the state.

Required documents to be handed over to the authority of social protection

To arrange a monthly allowance for child care up to one and a half years, it is necessary in the social security authorities of the place of residence the following documents:

  • application for parental leavechild and calculating the corresponding benefits;
  • copy of the passport of the applicant;
  • birth certificate of the baby;
  • copy of the order on the employer to grant leave to care for a child up to 1.5 years;
  • certificate from the competent authority of the Employment Service, which states that a parent is not registered, and does not receive unemployment benefits;
  • certificate from the insurance fund that benefits not receive the other parent.

Note that if necessary, the employees of the competent authority shall have the right to require some additional documents.Calculation of benefits for child care will be made only if all the papers will be collected in due time.