The origin of the name of Ruslan and its impact on the character of the girl

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little strange and sonorous name of Ruslan.Where did it come to us and what it means?Now a look.

origin of the name

Ruslan - a derivative of the male Ruslan rather Aslan (or Arslan).And it came to us from the Middle East, which enjoyed great popularity among the local people.And because the Slavs had trade relations with the people, so also exchanged names.So the name of Arslan got to Russia and used in the form of Eruslan.And only later it acquired a Slavic pronunciation - Ruslan.This is the origin of the name Ruslana in Russia.We also present it has become popular to use in the 70s of the last century.

name value

Thus, the roots of a woman's name - Muslim.The paradox, is not it?And it is translated as "lion."Let's follow the life of a person with such a strong name and see whether the data valid.So began.

Ruslana.The girl's name and its effect on a child's life

pevonachalno Since the name was of a male character, Ruslan took over all the boyish features, all their restlessness.Baby quite restless, not sleeping, she was always something wrong.Parents have to tinker with it.Sleepless nights they provided.But over time, the dream will become a favorite pastime girl, and in the morning it'll get to be problematic.Ruslan is very smart, but to learn lessons on good will not only "under duress", although it is easy to study is given.


origin of the name of Ruslan leaves an imprint in their teens.Girl incontinence can insult, hurt and regret it after.Ruslan strong-willed character, she is a leader.Over the years, it becomes softer, but leadership qualities to lose.Ruslan is always a lot of friends.She - the soul of the campaign.Often it can be found surrounded by boys.This girl knows how to stand up for themselves, it will not allow itself to insult.Itself - there is no interlocutor, as long conversations evoke her boredom.But their case will defend to the end.Useless to argue with her: she will win anyway.

family and love

Our heroine is a long time to choose a life partner.The second half of Ruslana - is the result of a very thorough search of himself, the one and one for all life.He prefers all the decisions in the family to take itself, which often leads to conflict with the elect.Parent responsibility she does not wake up even after childbirth.But the children love and enjoy them engaged.For household chores is not particularly anxious because we believe that such nonsense should deal grandmother.

Work and character

woman named Ruslan often gifted with many talents.It can give themselves to their passions and succeed on your favorite field.They can be found on stage, in movies, or in trade.But they can go the other way and devote his life to children, giving preference to teaching.Ruslan tend to make errors.With versatile thinking, it can (and trying) to suggest a possible turn of events before somehow do.But, even if it makes a mistake, it can always find a backup plan.It is very important that women learned from their mistakes, he depends on its later growth.

diminutive form of the name

for young children, especially girls, parents are always trying to find a gentle and tender words.Is it possible to somehow soften the shade of the men considered the name, and whether it will affect the character of the kid?Affectionately called Ruslan Rusey or Rusechkoy.If you frequently use this form as a child, then stringent girls may eventually flatten.But it should be borne in mind that this is only an appearance, inside it will still be a tomboy.There are gentle forms - Ruslanochka, Lana, Lanochka.Beautiful, is not it?

Although the origin of the name of Ruslan Middle East, it is firmly fixed in our culture today is pretty common in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.