positive and negative about Nissan otzvy beetle

Car Nissan Beetle was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in early 2010 and immediately attracted the attention of non-trivial design combined with high technical performance.Parameters of the new compact crossover make 4135 * 1765 * 1570 mm and the wheelbase is slightly shorter than that of his colleagues on the manufacturer Note and Qashqai.

The car is available in two trim levels: base and a top.It is equipped with front-wheel drive or all-wheel electronic system, which is the last opening of the developers of the company Nissan.Nissan plans to begin selling the Beetle in Russia in 2011.At the moment, it can be purchased in Europe at very affordable price.It is implemented on the European market with three types of engines to choose from: gasoline turbocharged direct injection (190 hp) petrol 16 klaponovy (117 hp) and 110 hp dieselThe estimated maximum fuel consumption of 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers.The estimated cost of the Nissan Beetle in Russia will be equal to about 625 thousand rubles.This price will surely attract a huge number of customers, as the car distinguishes among others of the same group.

Some motorists have left otzvy of Nissan beetle, which is not always his praise.So the strength of the vehicle on the public opinion was his design.Due to the wide windshield is perfectly visible all that is happening on the road.The lack of car handles on the rear doors make it look like a coupe, so almost all agreed that such a vehicle family still can not be called.

Regarding the appearance of the Nissan otzvy beetle also differ somewhat.Someone thinks that this freak is a shame Nissan group, while others, on the contrary, of the opinion that its appearance is fashionable, modern and fresh.Talk about the innovation design of the car is difficult, since even with the naked eye can see its resemblance to the Qashqai.

otzvy negative about Nissan beetle mainly deal with its stiffer suspension, due to which, even moving through the bumps, behind the car much bounce, which is very inconvenient.More motorists have criticized the ECO mode, which is effective only on straight roads and then, if it go to SPORT mode.Also it is shown misbehaving too rigid brake that stops abruptly at a small car you click on them.

Many otzvy of Nissan beetle still left men who notice and that the lack of glass blowing, so that the windshield is constantly present in the winter frost, and that the noise isolation is almost completely absent at high speeds.Women do not like high fuel consumption in the city and the inability to adjust the length of the wheel.

summary, Nissan beetle is not the most successful model of this concern.Undoubtedly, its design distinguishes the vehicle from other on the road.It combines the looks of an SUV and a sports car premium.Another positive characteristic is its low cost, though, most likely, in Russia it will cost more than the promised 625,000.Outs of the car became tight suspension and brakes, can not be adjusted by the driver's cabin, a small volume of the engine, even in the configuration where there is turbo.Overall, Nissan Beetle necessarily find a buyer and will win a niche in the car market.Among his fans now have a lot of women.The audience targeted by the vehicle, consists mainly of young and quite wealthy people, for which the image plays a significant role in the choice of the vehicle.