Effective strategic management - is key to the success of the organization

Strategic Management - is the kind of control that relies on human potential as the basis for the organization, orienting production activities for consumer inquiries.It is also quite flexible in responding to changes in the company, which fully meet the challenges of the external environment, and allows for certain advantages in competition.Namely, these factors contribute to the survival of the organization in the long term and thus achieve their goals.

Strategic Management - is one of the managerial functions, which finds its reflection in the long-term objectives and actions of the company.It should be noted that the wording itself of strategy and its tools is the core of management and a sure sign of quality management company.

Strategic Management - is the presence of the specific structure of the control system comprising the following elements:

- analysis of the internal and external environment;

- definition of the purpose of the company;

- selection and analysis of strategy, conducting its evaluation;

- implementation of the strategy;

- evaluation of the above defined directions.

For successful operation, the company must provide certain stages of strategic management.So, as a preliminary stage of the establishment of the order of release of the enterprise working group which carried out the presentation and realization strategy, the main points of which include:

- determining strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment of the enterprise;

- identification of possible threats to the successful business development of external factors that influence the activity of the enterprise;

- expert evaluation of data obtained from the results of the previous two phases;

- the development of the mission, objectives and strategic concept development of the organization;

- directly to the allocation of strategic directions;

- the final stage - the analysis of the adopted strategy.

Strategic Management - a system which has its object and subject.The object in this case are the companies and their strategic economic divisions and certain functional areas.As a subject of strategic management (management) is considered to be:

- a problem directly related to the global objectives of the company;

- problems that are associated with a specific organization, if it is needed to achieve this goal, however, is currently absent or found in insufficient quantities;

- problems that are related to external factors are uncontrollable.

Innovation management and strategic management are complementary economic concepts.Innovation Management is a management system that consists of two subsystems: control object (manager) and the subject of management (management).The connection between subject and object of this is done by transmitting information directly shaping the management process.