The essence of management

Management - is a word that is used quite often today.What is the essence of management?Many people mistakenly believe that it is - the same as the ordinary administration and management.In fact, everything is much more complicated.

organization and management should take into account all the requirements of modernity.It is not difficult to understand that success will only use the most modern methods and tools.

essence of management

Let's start with the fact that under the management interpreted as a discrete form of professional activity.He, in turn, aims to achieve in the course of any economic activity of the organization set its management objectives through proper utilization of available human resources and materials with features and foundational principles of economic management

The essence of management is actually to understand not sodifficult.Management - a management by market conditions.Primarily, this means the following:

- constant striving for excellence;

- focus on market needs and demand;

- economic property, which acts as a guarantor of freedom of decision-making.

as an independent professional activity management assumes that the manager (ie the manager himself) has no dependence of the share capital of the organization for which he works.The essence of management is that the manager does not own the shares and works exclusively on the conditions of employment.This control is the subject of a specific professional activity.This means that he has some skills and practical experience, and received special training.

management - this is his organization and identification of prospects.Note important as long-term and short-term prospects.

The essence of management is somehow connected with the idea that if the rational use of all available resources, it will be possible to achieve maximum results with the smallest cost.

have management has its own economic mechanism.He is sent to the decision of certain problems that inevitably arise in the economic activity in the implementation of technological, socio-economic, socio-political and other problems.

described economic mechanism consists of three levels:

- production management;

- in-house management;

- personnel management.

Speaking of what is the essence of management, made emphasis on its procedural nature.

management is often seen as an integrated process that allows you to manage the company directly through its goals.

The activity of the manager in the organization, there are many points that can be called only as the key.These include understanding and manager of its own competence.Competence management is largely due to the competence of other employees.Any professional manager should be able to use the knowledge which he owns and his subordinates.Why are they needed?To increase the horizon, which in the future will make the right decisions, indicate prospects and competently carry out the current management of the organization and its staff.

Yes, the manager is totally dependent on the head, but his boss did not forget that he hired a man must constantly feel master of the situation, because otherwise he would not be able to fully realize all of its potential.Manager monitor need only indirectly.