Management of the organization - a system of enterprise management

management organization - is to create a business model and the most efficient management.The main task of management is to create such conditions in the enterprise, which would allow to obtain the highest possible profit.For this, a set of measures.Such as the rational organization of production, introduction of innovative technologies, the efficient use of personnel, minimization of costs, automation of accounting processes and management, and more.

management organization - is a complex and multi-layered process.In this regard, it allocated a separate species.The main ones are: strategic, financial, industrial (business), innovation, marketing and human resources.

Management includes several key features.These are: planning, organization, control, regulation and motivation.

Planning is the starting point for the development of the enterprise.After all, it defines the mission, goals and objectives in the form of quantitative and qualitative indicators.Strategic planning assigns long-term objectives of the organization, and budget - current.In the future, plans are carried out on the basis of monitoring and regulation activities.Function in the management of the organization is aimed at the formation of the company structure and providing it with all necessary resources.The function of motivation focuses on the creation of a specific system for the promotion of the personnel that materially and morally encourages staffing to carry out production tasks and achieve their goals.Also important: the development of their creative potential, the formation of an integrated team.Control includes three aspects.The first - the definition of the objectives and timing of tasks, and the second - a comparison of the results achieved, and the third - the adjustment of actions and plans.Formed strategic, budgetary and other plans are a type of standards based on deviations of performance indicators which are monitored.The function ensures the coordination of concerted action of all structural units of the enterprise.

most complex processes, which includes the management of the organization - this decision.There are several methods that can effectively carry out this process.These include systems analysis, process modeling management, expert analysis, generation of ideas ("brain storming").

effective management organization depends on its compliance with the principles that are to the integrity of management, hierarchical ordering, task orientation, combination of centralization and decentralization, optimization and scientific validity of governance and democratization.

management organization - is a holistic system of resource management, finance, personnel, information, costs, production processes and a number of aspects in order to profit and ensure the development of the enterprise.