What can be caused by pain in the chest?

Chest pain can occur at any age, but most often it is concerned about the elderly.With age, many diseases are chronic, and the slightest problems lead to the development of very disturbing symptoms.In order not to encounter serious problems, you need to know what is connected with chest pain.

When you are overtaken by a sharp pain in the chest, to stop and think about it, to listen to their feelings.If the pain gives to chest, left arm and part of his neck, it is necessary to take drugs for the heart.If the feeling of compactness left, you should immediately call an ambulance, which will help remove the attack.It usually manifests myocardial infarction, angina pectoris and even regular tachycardia.Can pinpoint the cause of a doctor after a thorough examination.However, older people are often not serious about pain, as all used to be blamed on age.As a result, in this respect, doctors lead a very alarming statistics.Many patients often experience a heart attack on his legs, underestimate the severity of their condition, leading to complications.

No less important reason - it's a pain in the stomach.They give to the sternum, so often a person thinks that he does not work the heart.In fact, severe pain in the chest may be provoked gastritis, ulcer, spasm of the esophagus and stomach bleeding.Man does not always understand the true cause of their suffering, begins to take heart drops, and chest pain only intensified.Distinguish stomach problems from the violations of the heart can only be a specialist, so without visiting a doctor can not do.If you miss the beginning of the disease, the changes may affect other organs.If severe chest pain occurs after a meal, you should think about changing your diet.As a rule, such a straightforward way your body tells about the poor quality or unsuitable food.Also, sometimes the liver and gall bladder may provoke discomfort in the chest.The pain intensified when turning or uncomfortable position, but can not self-medicate.

often occurs in the chest discomfort, and even pain in diseases of the respiratory system.These symptoms can be characterized, and the common cold and pneumonia.When you have suggested that the pain is caused by problems with the light, it is necessary to make a roentgen.It will show if the lungs have been changed.If the survey does not reveal, is to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis.Better safe than blame themselves for levity.

And most importantly - note, not whether you have injuries lately.Perhaps the chest pain began to echo received injury or sign of fracture.It is possible to find out only after a medical examination, so do not delay visiting the clinic.This person has to be ready for any eventuality, as the pain in the chest is sometimes triggered by shingles.First shingles perfectly disguised as a pain in the heart, but gradually the need for masking is eliminated.The disease shows itself in all its glory, covering the patient's body with red bubbles.However, to calculate this insidious enemy at a very early stage of the disease can only specialist.

Whatever your assumptions about the causes of pain, do not try to solve the problem yourself.You can seriously damage your health, which then will have a very long time to recover.