Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

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If you feel tired and weak that you think never will be - it means that you are very much overworked.Such a state after a strenuous and hard work and lack of sleep, anyway, many have experienced.Most often, this feeling goes away after a full sleep and rest.If symptoms still remain, so the body wants to tell us about his illness.


after suffering a viral disease attacks are often called CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms of which can be varied.Also, frequent exhaustion may escalate into serious diseases - hepatitis, anemia, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and several others.When you receive a certain type of medication, such as cough, cold, a variety of sleeping pills, anti-allergic drugs and contraceptives, fatigue can occur as a side effect.One of the main reasons for which there is chronic fatigue, are sleep disturbance and diet, bad mood, depression, apprehension or anxiety.

Typical indicators CFS.

If conducted after a vacation or a weekend, you do not feel refreshed if you are concerned about the state of prolonged fatigue, so you have to go to the doctor.

chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms of which are quite different, manifested in this way:

- The tired state,

- trouble sleeping,

- muscle pain,

- headaches,

- decreased ability to concentrate,

- severe exhaustion.

Many of the symptoms characteristic of other diseases, so your doctor will be difficult to establish the right diagnosis.

How can I deal with this disease?

set a specific mode of the day, properly allocate their time.In order not to start it in a hurry, get up a little earlier.Sleep should be the optimal amount of time.If you feel the desire to work, then everything, it's time to get up, did not appear to chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms of which can be unpredictable.Teenagers with their fast pace of life, as well as elderly benefit naps.You must select the appropriate diet for yourself.Someone needs to work better light snack, while others can not work without a hearty meal, and these factors must take into account each person himself.

Do not start smoking if you have never tried.Try to find a way for active relaxation - a walk in the fresh air, reading books, listening to soft music, the pronunciation of prayer, all this can give you a sense of calm.For these purposes, as you can imagine yourself on a sandy beach, in the mountains, on the ship, which floats on the calm surface of the sea.

your actions on the issue: chronic fatigue, treatment?

In this case, you can see a doctor, he said, to determine the cause of fatigue, will hold a special examination, at the same time appoint a specific research or diagnosis.Chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms of which are quite different, can be treated with traditional medicine.Such a method, in some way, will also help improve your condition.

few tips on how to deal with chronic fatigue:

- Exercise, Exercise;

- do not get bored in their spare time, get a hobby;

- go to the theater, exhibitions, meetings with friends;

- learn to identify what's bothering you, and try to solve their problems;

- try to relax: do massage or meditation;

- avoid using sleeping pills, because it has side effects;

- do not drink alcohol and stop smoking.

And be sure to get better.