Can the compatibility of Capricorn and Scorpio male-female?

According to the law of unity of opposites should attract each other only different poles: strong - the weak, cold - to passionate.Why Zodiac ordered in such a way that two strong, imperious and stubborn sign of becoming perhaps the perfect couple?Compatibility of Capricorn and Scorpio male-female (or vice versa) - an amazing theme, full of unexplained mysteries.

These are two different elements - Earth (Capricorn) and Water (Scorpio).And this is due to their mutual attraction.The spiritual connection between them, whether it's love or friendship is established instantly, it is enough to one meeting, at a glance.This often takes the initiative Scorpio, energetic and always get their way.A stubborn Capricorn can combat the spot just such an opponent.

Compatibility Capricorn and Scorpio male-female is also dictated by the same attitude.They both power seeking forward thrust nature.Of course, this similarity becomes even more dangerous and a source of conflict: each of them demands the respect and unquestioning obedience.Reshivshiesya on such a union people just have to be highly intelligent and reasonable to be able to not infringe on someone else's territory.In this case, a very strong alliance in which the two are like-minded, support for each other.They may have a common business in which they worked perfectly and will support each other in all situations.When it comes to creating a family nest, do not think of a better option than the man Capricorn - Scorpio woman.Compatibility of their marriage, despite the boiling passions, just perfect.

With all the differences, these two characters can come to a reasonable compromise, but with the proviso that in private life they have everything in order.Ardor Scorpio often sickened the cool, temperate Capricorn, whose thoughts are more occupied with the affairs and financial problems.But the same ardor partner (partner) in most cases, this defense breaks and Capricorn awakens the senses.Compatibility of Capricorn and Scorpio male-female may be in serious doubt if these two are not smart enough to compromise and respect for the positions and feelings for each other and for the understanding of the right of everyone to freedom on their living space.Such an alliance can break, even before it began.

According to horoscope, Capricorn woman - Scorpio man - it is no less harmonious couple.And the thing is that this stubborn lady, horns tacked on any occasion, can lead to life only passionate and equally stubborn Scorpio male who occasionally may be very sting.What to do in life, and without it can not do.But the principle of balance in this alliance will be respected at all times.

With regard to business relationships, compatibility of Capricorn and Scorpio male-female is simply flawless.Restrained and imperious Capricorn can take the role of "think tank", and Scorpio will be a generator of ideas and the first assistant in the incarnation of the biggest plans.