Compatibility: female Cancer, male Libra

Cancers represent the element of Water.They are known for their emotional and sensitive character.Libra - a very powerful air sign, it is known for its sociability, diplomacy and peace-loving.Compatibility: female Cancer, Libra man - not a perfect 100%, but if you put some effort, they really will be able to learn to accept each other with all the differences.If you consider in detail all aspects of this pair, you can find a lot in common.For example, both love to live in peace and harmony, and not get involved in issues that can ruin lives.Sounds good, does not it?But if you consider some of the features of the signs of the zodiac in more detail, it becomes evident that the differences can be quite sharp, and it often brings conflict in a stable relationship.For example, Cancer spends most of his time on household chores, communication with relatives, while Libra is fond of social life, they are constantly pulling out of the house.See the difference?

Compatibility: Cancer-woman, man-Libra friendship

friendship between Cancer and Libra: Let's see.Yes, she does have a right to exist under the condition of mutual attention and participation.The interesting thing about these two characters that one complements the other.This means that the quality or personality traits that one person has or where he does not have, can help to balance the other.A perfect example: the intelligent and reasonable man Libra, Cancer woman - a sensitive and emotional.Together, these qualities help make a well-considered decision, to find a balance.Talking about the friendship of these signs initially might think that they do not get along.But over time, they learn to understand each other's individuality, and as a result the Union may be one of the most durable.

Compatibility: female Cancer, male Libra.Interests

Both of these zodiac sign love art, including intellectual.They are followers of harmony in everything.Although their approaches to things and understanding them may also be strikingly different, but they are confident that will succeed if they work as a team.It is believed that the relationship prosperous only if each of the partners is successful.It is said that the element of Air and Water may well create a beautiful song.This alliance, which could be a classic example of mutual understanding, respect, love and care about each other.

Compatibility: female Cancer, male Libra.Love

Initially, these two characters are attracted to each other, their mutual passion implies, craving romance.They seemed to fly away to heaven in the arms.But when it comes to the real situation of affairs, the problems begin.Cancer wants to be pampered always understood, we were with him.Libra - free birds, they are easy to fly, easy to come back.Although they respect the wishes of the partner, they also want to have fun, socialize with other people, which is incredibly annoying Rakov.What else horoscope says?Libra man - Cancer woman - the couple in danger: the lack of understanding.As a result, in order to achieve harmony, partners need to learn to respect each other as individual and be prepared to compromise.