VAZ-2106 front suspension, its replacement and repair.

a car VAZ-2106 front suspension double lever type.The reason for using such a scheme - the application of rear drive.Of course, it was possible to establish a "McPherson", which became a classic.In addition, this type of suspension is easier and more reliable.But she, of course, there are significant flaws that could offset the benefits.For example, the need to further enhance the place of mounting bearings.

And indeed, if we take into account the fact that the car VAZ-2106 was designed at a time when the quality of roads was not really, everything falls into place.When off-road driving and uneven "McPherson" quickly "kill" and become worthless.In this case, double wishbones our classics wins.

What is the front suspension

should start with the fact that the front suspension VAZ-2106 is completely independent.At its core are two wishbone.The front wheels are fixed to the hub by means of bolts.The latter is mounted on bearings.They have tapered inner surface are pressed into the hub and locked with a nut.It should be noted that the right wheel is used with a left-hand threaded nut.To distinguish it enough to look at the verge - they plotted three points.

next element of which is on the VAZ-2106 front suspension - a knuckle.It established a steering nozzle, which is connected to the gearbox.With it, he made the turn of the wheels.This cam has two points of attachment to the suspension - from above and below.It made it with the help of moving ball bearings, glasses which are attached to the arms and fingers are pressed into the holes of the knuckle.Mounting the arm is done by silent blocks - rubber bushings a special form, to the car body.

Diagnostic vehicle suspension

From time to time you will need to drive the car on a pit or hoist to check the condition of the suspension.From it depends on many things, including your safety.What can we say on the classic series of cars VAZ conduct disorder-convergence is necessary every 10 thous. the same interval are diagnosed condition of the tires.Every 20 thousand have to tighten the nuts on the wheel bearings, grease the past.With the same gap should check the tightness of all threaded connections.

When diagnosed front suspension VAZ-2106, you will need to inspect the ball joints, silent blocks, rubber pillows of the stabilizer and carefully examine whether there is any deformation of the suspension.Particular attention is paid to the ball joint.These are the elements that affect your safety on the road.If you boot them broke, then carry out any reconstruction work is useless - the dirt got on the hinge, and now it will gradually destroy it.So I was all - ball, boot, nuts and bolts.

How to check saylentbloki

Problem wear silent blocks for the classics - it's impossible to set the correct angle camber and toe.The reason is that the rubber part is destroyed node lever position becomes incorrect, he leans to the side.Even if there is little damage rubber parts, you must immediately carry out the replacement of silent blocks.Moreover, it is desirable to all - efficiency will be much higher on this front suspension arms VAZ-2106 will normally be moved relative to the body.

Before starting any work aimed at diagnosis of silent blocks, you need to prepare the car.To do this, set under the rear wheel stops, the repair of the lift on the jack and remove the wheel.Ideal - is carrying out diagnostics on a pit or hoist.The essence of the procedure is to measure displacement of the outer and inner washers.For the first it has to be in the range of 3-7.5 mm (lower arm) and 1.5-5 mm (upper arm).For internal goals - 2.5 mm wishbone suspension at all.It is possible that the radial displacement is great if improperly installing silent blocks in the lever.On cars VAZ-2106 front suspension works largely thanks firmly pressed into Hob.

How to diagnose upper ball?

In this case, most do not handle, call the rescue somebody.You must press the brake pedal.This eliminates the opportunity to feel the backlash of the front wheel bearing.While an assistant holds the brake pedal, you have to shake the front wheel sharply.If there is backlash in the ball bearing, you will feel it.The wheel will move freely when pushing forward and back.This may cause a crunch, squeak, which came from the location of the upper ball joint.

How to test lower ball?

is much easier to diagnose the state of the lower ball joint.However, for this purpose you need to use a caliper.However, if you do not have it, you can use any thin metal rod.But if you plan to replace front suspension VAZ-2106, please be with all the necessary tools.If and steel wire syschetsya not, then take the match.That's only line still need to conduct measurements.At the bottom of the ball joint has a very small bolt stub.

wrench or pliers to twist it.Now insert calipers into the hole to see how the distance between the upper lip and finger support.The maximum value of this distance shall be 11.8 mm.And if you was even slightly greater than, the lower ball must be replaced.Of course, if it is carried out repairs, it is best to change all the ball in a circle.Like it or not, and this is a real effect, even reduced steering play.

Diagnosis of shock absorber

As for the shock absorbers, there is nothing easier than to check them out.Firstly, all of their problems can be felt while driving.If they do not work, it will quench pothole catastrophically weak.The problem is that the shock absorber to smooth out all the strokes that go on the suspension of the car.When a wheel hit a hole, the lower arm front suspension VAZ-2106 moves down, it keeps the pressure in the shock absorber.

Consequently, with defective shock absorber movement of suspension will be free.There is nothing she will not stop moving.Secondly, the presence on the body of the shock absorber oil spills should alert you.Even if most a little squeezed out, where is the guarantee that the remains will not leave?Moreover caul visibly damaged.Push the body of the car, forcing him to pull over to the ground, and then sharply release.Ideally, the body has to make only one motion up no more!

Replacement springs and shock absorbers

Even if you have only one shock absorber leaked or cracked spring, you need to change everything on the front side.Do not feel the body and the car in general, and along with itself.Uneven wear of these elements - a guarantee that the car will become unmanageable when cornering.To replace the front shock absorber you best use the pit.But you can call for help and ingenuity to do everything on a flat surface, but first you need to dig a small depression.When is the replacement of the front suspension arms VAZ-2106, with the removal of such manipulations do not need to hold the shock absorber.

It must be positioned precisely under the lower arm.Now we need to do a few simple actions - unscrew the stem nut (fastening is located in the engine compartment).After that unscrews the two nuts that are on the lower arm.That's all you can draw down the shock by pressing in the plunger until it stops.Installation of the new damper should be carried out in reverse order.With regard to the springs, they must be replaced if damaged or cracked.Also deteriorates the comfort and control of the vehicle due to the fact that the spring squander.Under the influence of the mass of the car, they are reduced in length, which affects the condition of the suspension.

Adjusting the front bearing

This procedure should be carried out as often as possible - about every 10 thousand. car VAZ-2106 front suspension requires constant monitoring, unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable host.POST wheel, remove protective cap, then you need raskontrit nut on the hub.And only after that you need to use the key 27, unscrew the screw or nut.It depends on which way you want to carry out the adjustment.

Note: the force applied when tightening should be weak.In addition, after tightening must be done about the sixth-seventh of a turn in the opposite direction.The fact that the hub cone mounted bearings which are easily broken when attempting to tighten power.But they are able to withstand high loads due to the fact that the contact area of ​​the cage and rollers rather big.

Conclusion Now that you know the composition of the suspension of "six".And it is quite possible that even will be able to repair it.In fact, it is no big deal, the main thing - follow the recommendations offered by the car manufacturer.And then repair front suspension VAZ-2106 will be held not only qualitatively but also quickly.And often timing is everything.