"Tornado" - hundreds of herbicide weed

Weeds - the scourge of every gardener, gardener, or simply the owner of a good lawn.To deal with them is very difficult, and it often happens that without herbicides can not do.One of the most effective and relatively safe means to kill weeds - "Tornado".Herbicide this long-tested gardeners and get their positive characteristics."Tornado" can be used for lawns, vineyards, garden plots to handle them.Especially effective herbicide "Tornado" destroys thistle, reed, creeping wheatgrass, vines and cattail.In agriculture, it means couples are treated, the field intended for sowing.

How does "Tornado»

herbicide is absorbed by plants through stems and leaves, and then penetrate into the roots.The whole process takes two, rarely three hours.The information contained in the composition of isopropylamine salt begins to destroy the plant inside.Within 7 days the weeds start to hurt, turn yellow and wither.After 2-3 weeks, they die completely.Means "Tornado" and "Tornado-500", trapped in the soil, do not affect the plant, and a month is completely decomposed into more harmless substances.Therefore, the desired plant grass, flowers and grasses can be the next day after the weeds die."Tornado" - herbicide that is completely harmless for bees and humans.However, having got into the eyes, it can cause severe irritation, so it is best to work with him, wearing goggles.

Benefits "Tornado" in front of other herbicides

  • «Tornado" - herbicide that has the lowest toxicity: it belongs to the 3rd class of toxic substances.
  • agent quickly penetrates the plant and starts killing them from the inside.
  • herbicide (it is checked) actively destroys more than one hundred and fifty species of weeds and some junk bushy vegetation.
  • «Tornado" has no effect on the soil and does not alter its properties.If you want to crop plants can be planted in the ground the next day after treatment of the soil.
  • «Tornado" - herbicide that is perfectly valid, regardless of the temperature and humidity, the presence or lack of rain, but (and this is natural) drug works effectively in dry calm weather.
  • tool is absolutely safe for humans, animals and insects.

packaging, composition, storage

active substance "Tornado" is glyphosate (isopropylamine salt).The composition is an aqueous solution of the substance.Keep herbicide recommended in a special room, where children can not reach.Bottles with the means must be firmly closed.If the preparation is frozen, it should only be mixed thoroughly before use, from freezing or overheating of their properties, he does not lose.

aid for poisoning

If somehow got the drug into the body and cause poisoning, you should:

  • bring the victim to the sprayed area;
  • his drink plenty of warm water with activated charcoal (6 tablespoons per cup);
  • induce vomiting;
  • call "soon";
  • composition in contact with the skin should be rinsed with water.