The feed strawberry growers?

After a long winter strawberries, as well as many other plants, needs good care.Once the snow has melted and the soil is dry, strawberry bushes free from the old and withered leaves.Near each bush loosen the soil.The fed strawberries?It should be noted that this spring dressing is an important factor for further development and fruiting.It should be carried out at certain times and in precise quantities.

first spring strawberry dressing is carried out after the winter.The feed strawberries in May?Suffice it to one tablespoon of ammonium sulfate dissolved in desyatilitrovoy container filled with water.The mixture is desirable to add 2 cups of mullein, located in the mushy state.Under every bush poured one liter jar of solution.

And what feed before flowering strawberries?For the preparation of fertilizer one teaspoon of potassium sulfate, and about two tablespoons nitrophosphate dissolved in ten liters of water.Pour under every bush of 0.5 liters of the resulting solution.

Of course, you need to know about what fed strawberries after the entire crop harvested.This is the latest and important stage in the feeding.The solution was prepared as follows: a couple of tablespoons nitrophosphate dissolved in ten liters of water.Preferably in the solution and add 1 cup of wood ash.All the ingredients are mixed well and then get fertilizer watered every bush of strawberry.And under every bush poured one liter jar solution.This dressing is considered final.It is necessary to create a strawberry flower buds.

Many gardeners ask about what fed strawberries if it grows for the second year.To feed a berry use the following solution: one full tablespoon of ammonia and a couple of glasses of mullein pulp is dissolved in a bucket of water desyatilitrovom.Under each strawberry bush poured one liter feeding.Before dressing, as a rule, should be carried out loosening the soil.But in this case, while loosening the earth sprinkled with wood ash: per square meter poured two full glasses of ash.

There is another great way to dressing strawberry.He experienced many gardeners.Nettle pour a bucket of warm water and a few days insist.This solution was used as biofertilizer.The mixture is sprayed strawberries when it began to form only shrubs.The second time biofertilizer sprayed the strawberries after harvest ended.This fertilizer enhances the growth of berries.Its fruits grow juicy and large.

Many gardeners interested about what fed strawberries.About this crop fertilizer written whole works.On this occasion, even the specific tests carried out.After all, the various soils strawberry responds to feeding quite differently.But as a result of studies have shown that the most effective and versatile is a mineral complex fertilizer.Before planting only need to fill the soil with manure or leguminous green-manures.