Diseases hens require attention

pets and birds are of great importance to humans.Many of us love to feast on eggs, and it was with this dish our children learn to cook their own meals.Poultry of all kinds of rocks contain not only for eggs and meat, but get it from down and feathers.Accordingly, the disease hens require the attention of good owners.Females should be examined for the presence of pathologies, they carry out "medical" (master's) inspection.

Diagnosis and treatment

If possible existence of a special bird clinic, the disease hens require inspection of health workers of all disciplines, up to an ophthalmologist.Into account the need both respiratory and digestive, so nervous and reproductive systems chickens.They, like humans, suffer from musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disease (heart attack up to), may cause injury or get another injury.That is a serious matter - these diseases are laying hens.Symptoms usually identified owners of birds in the early stages.

produce "chicken inspection┬╗

right advice and professional assistance can be obtained from a veterinarian.However, the most characteristic symptoms of pathologies owners can see themselves.Only by regularly and inspection can quickly identify the disease hens.Treatment with such an approach is indeed effective.Health Assessment females must be made not only during their content, but at the stage of acquisition of the poultry.It is believed that with experience fancier reveals layers of pathology, even by their behavior.

Symptoms pathologies poultry

on what to look for when inspecting the chickens?In fact, everything.In particular, if a bird is healthy, its feathers are clean and contain no mites, lice.Accordingly, the presence of the latter - a pathology.Also, disease hens include the presence of parasites in the cesspool.It should be clean.If the chicken is limping, it is quite possible that she was injured or inflamed.Scales her paws must be free of ticks and fingers straight.Eyes healthy birds are not turbid, and clean, "clear", nostrils do not contain the liquid, and the beak is to be shifted.

Signs behavior of healthy poultry

If chickens are healthy, as a rule, they are mobile.Breed thus irrelevant.If the bird is in good condition, it holds "on your feet" most of the time.Of course, in hot weather, they can hide in the shadows.However, disheveled, hunched over a bird or drowsy and sluggish can not attract attention.It is possible that this behavior is triggered by disease and hen be viewed.

Treatment hens

Help poultry is particularly timely detection of any pathology.It will be appreciated that the above described only the most obvious signs of disease in poultry.Of course, if found chicken feathers are seen lice or ticks in feet scales, it must be isolated from the rest of the pack.


As human pathology, and disease of laying hens is easier to prevent than to fight them.If the bird is still ill, I bring her to the vet!