Twist tomato leaves.

If your beds suddenly curled leaves of tomatoes, which have recently been healthy and strong, it indicates that the plant is experiencing discomfort.The first thing you need to understand what factors may have caused this result.

Possible causes and remedies

1. Usually this Tomatoes respond to violation of temperature and humidity.Bad influences high temperature (above 35 degrees).If this heat is rapidly decay nutrients.Plants absorb a fraction of nutrients and assimilates them with difficulty.There comes a starvation of leaves, and as a result, the plant withers, loses its leaves and flowers.Because of too frequent and abundant watering the plant develops a weak root system, which also entails a twisting of the leaves.

2. Twist the leaves of tomatoes, which are grown in greenhouses?In such cases it is necessary to ventilate the room, to create a uniform temperature.Since the underground temperature is rather low compared with the heated surface of the sun, the plant starts to hurt.

3. Another reason why fold leaves of tomatoes can be defeated bacterial canker.To distinguish this disease can be manifested by sores and cracks on the stems.If the yellow leaves of tomatoes wither and dry up, then it could also be the result of disease.

4. Too much zinc.Useful substances in unlimited quantities can be detrimental to this plant.Symptoms of this problem lie in the bottom of the leaves color in purple and bending of edges.

5. The excess manganese.Many gardeners too often use this fertilizer because of its availability and relatively low cost.In this case, the young leaves shrink and have a brighter color than that of healthy plants.

6. Lack of fertilizer as pernicious as their excess.If tomato leaves curled up, it is a sign of calcium deficiency.Growth is slowing, deformed leaves and the fruits are affected apical rot.Vertex rot speaks for itself.On the bright fruit first appear watery spots that gradually darken.When the fruit ripen, a spot formed dead tissue.

7. The phosphorus starvation leads to staining of leaves of tomatoes in a gray-green color, and also causes and folding leaves.

8. If the first thing affected young leaves (curl down), it indicates a lack of copper, boron or sulfur.

9. Aphids and whitefly.If a more detailed examination of twisted leaves, you find these pests, you should as soon as possible to process the tomatoes with a special solution.

In any case, all kinds of fertilizer should be used in optimum proportions.

All these reasons make it possible to give a detailed answer to the question of why the tomato leaves curled.Pay attention to the signals sent by the plant, try to decipher them correctly, then you will be able to boast the richest harvest.